To people like Steve DeAngelo, growing the marijuana market is as much or more about spreading information about how the cannabis plant is positively impacting folks around the world as it is about making money.

DeAngelo and a passionate team founded Harborside Inc. (CSE: HBOR, HSDEF) in 2006.

It’s a vertically integrated cannabis company with retail locations in Oakland and San Jose, a 47-acre farm in Monterey County, and has more than 250,000 registered customers.

DeAngelo sold the first gram of legal cannabis to an adult in California on January 1, 2018.

We hope you enjoy our interview with this cannabis pioneer!

NICI Staff


Next Year’s Harvest Could Pay This Pumpkin Farm $42 Million 

In October 2018, John Michell was looking at closing the doors of his 21-acre pumpkin farm in the Pacific Northwest.

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Just renting out a tiny portion of their farm would net them nearly $1 million a year. And converting their entire farm could gross them more than $42 million per harvest.

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