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Where can I find information about your Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions?

Privacy Policy: https://nicinvestors.com/privacy-policy/  Terms and Conditions: https://nicinvestors.com/terms-and-conditions/   Sales Tax Information: https://nicinvestors.com/sales-tax-information/  Do Not Sell My Info: https://privacyportal-cdn.onetrust.com/dsarwebform/90ddaa87-9d70-4282-9d4f-d6cbd96bd224/09030cb6-5eb7-4a0a-aeb0-a0c0101d544a.html  Contact hub: https://nicinvestors.com/contact/  This information can also be found in the footer of any page on the NICI site under “Legal”.

Why are there locks on some of the features?

Some features and offerings are dependent on your level of membership. Although NICI prides itself on publishing best-in-class information for its free members, there are areas that require various levels of buy-in. Whether a member of Cannabis Investors Daily or NICI Membership, or even...

What is a “cache”?

Cache stores temporary files, such as Web pages and other online media, that your browser downloaded from the Internet. A cache can speed up page loading and site performance. If you’re experiencing inconsistent issues accessing content on the website you...