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DealMaker & Shackelford Contact Information

If you have questions regarding your investment, please contact DealMaker at info@dealmake.tech. If you have questions or feedback for Shackelford Pharma Inc., please contact investors@shackelfordpharma.com. The National Institute for Cannabis Investors does not have any affiliation with DealMaker or Shackelford Pharma Inc. We do...

What is DealMaker?

DealMaker is a service provider that companies engage with to help with their capital raises. The National Institute of Cannabis Investors does not have a relationship with DealMaker.

How can I invest in a Deal?

Deals are opportunities provided to Cannabis Venture Syndicate customers. If you are a Cannabis Venture Syndicate customer please continue reading below. Navigate over to the Portfolio Page to find the deal you want to invest in. Click on the deal...