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Politics & Legalization

The Companies Right in the Mix of the $150 Million Illinois Market

These companies are fighting for their share of the $150 million Illinois cannabis market...
Politics & Legalization

Two States Are About to Create 21 Million Potential Cannabis Customers

There has never been a better time to be a cannabis investor than right now. Cannabis is about to enter a stage of MASSIVE consolidation. This is going to set the stage for unprecedented potential profits for early investors! And once American legalization occurs, this tiny $10.8 billion industry could skyrocket to $100 billion... $500 billion... or even $1 trillion, virtually overnight. Just click here to find out more.
Politics & Legalization

The March to Full Cannabis Legalization Steamrolls Through Election Day 2018

Election Day 2018 marked another resounding victory for cannabis. After the polls closed, Michigan became the 10th state to fully legalize cannabis, while Utah and Missouri joined 31 others that have already legalized it for medical purposes. More than half of the country now has access to some form of legal marijuana thanks to this virtual “green sweep.” And right now, you have the opportunity to take this momentum all the way to the bank.