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Cannabis Investing 101

NICILytics Training: What to Know About Volume

In this second entry to the NICILytics training series, you'll learn how to use trade volume to your advantage.
Cannabis Investing 101

Three Indispensable Cannabis Industry Bellwethers to Watch Before Making Your Trades

Stocks are likely to post much bigger gains when the possibility of something (e.g., a law change, a merger or acquisition, etc.) first becomes known.  Once the event actually happens, many investors have already moved on or may even be looking to take some gains (sell off the stocks they bought in advance of or right as a rumor came out). Three new indices show this very thing.
Cannabis Investing 101

Where You Need to Go to Trade Cannabis Stocks

The best emerging cannabis stock opportunities right now don’t involve companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq. Fortunately, most of the biggest U.S-based brokers now allow you to trades stocks listed in Canada, notably ones on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).
Profit Opportunity

When a Downturn Creates Good Luck, Strong Values

When downturns hit a cannabis stock, that can be a good thing - It creates opportunity following the immediacy of the bad news. Even investing legends will tell you that it's a fool's errand trying to pick the exact lowest price as the only time to get in on a stock.
Industry Update

Meet Canada’s “Big Boys” Who Just Joined New York’s Big Board

It's time to add two more cannabis names to the NYSE scoreboard. This week, two of the big five Canadian producers join their fellow colleagues in migrating to a massive U.S. exchange - a trend our Executive Director isn't expecting to stop anytime soon. But that doesn't mean investors should rush out and snap up shares. Instead, he's got his eyes on a few other up-and-comers that offer even greater potential.
Politics & Legalization

Here’s What Legalization Means for Cannabis Earnings This Quarter

Starting today, the game for Canadian cannabis producers has changed forever. Now that Canada's "Green Wednesday" has come and gone, NICI's Executive Director is ready to reveal what you can expect from the first "post-legalization" Canadian market. Better yet, he'll show you where you can find some great, actionable "buy" signals.