You won’t want to miss this exclusive video with a Massachusetts cannabis infused beverage company…

Eric Rogers is the co-founder of TINC, a cannabis-infused beverage company located in Georgetown, Massachusetts.

TINC is building a 6,000-square-foot extraction lab and microbrewery facility where they will produce cannabis-infused beverages.

However, TINC will not sell its product directly to consumers.

Since the company is a manufacturer only, it will sell its seltzers to Massachusetts cannabis retail shops for them to distribute.

Greg Miller really likes Eric’s and TINC’s approach. The company will be making beverages with just a little bit of THC, which will allow consumers to have one of the company’s beverages without much of a psychoactive effect. The drinks will be pleasant and relaxing, like a beer or a glass of wine.

Eric also reveals that the company will be coming out with a line of CBD beverages, as well as other products.

Watch the video below to get the inside scoop.


NICI Staff Reports

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