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Some features and offerings are dependent on your level of membership. Although NICI prides itself on publishing best-in-class information for its free members, there are areas that require various levels of buy-in. Whether a member of Cannabis Investors Daily or NICI Membership, or even our elite trading research service, Danny Brody’s Cannabis Inner Circle, there is always an upgrade in membership you can seek.

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Cache stores temporary files, such as Web pages and other online media, that your browser downloaded from the Internet. A cache can speed up page loading and site performance.

If you’re experiencing inconsistent issues accessing content on the website you may want to try “clearing your cache”. Clearing your cache and cookies will erase your settings from websites you visit regularly. Some effects of clearing cache are:

  • Websites may load a little slower on the first visit afterward, since images and content have to be reloaded
  • If you opted to have certain websites remember your login information (username and/or password), this may be cleared from your browser’s memory. You will have to type in the login information and sign in again to access your account on the website(s).

For your convenience we’ve included instructions on how to clear your cache for Chrome and Mozilla / Firefox.

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Security programs enabled on your computer or Browser settings may prohibit access to NICI content or render a security warning. These warnings are caused by a number of factors. To can reduce these warnings add “” to a list of “authorized” or “safe” domains within your computer’s security program or browser settings.

For your convenience we’ve provide information on how to adjust your browser settings below.

The National Institute for Cannabis Investor’s takes your privacy very seriously. uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) to ensure your information is secure while using the website. HTTPS creates a secure channel to send data between a web browser and a website. We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

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