The Innovator

There's a well-worn, but wholly appropriate, adage about the original Gold Rush that we love. It goes like this: it wasn't just the successful miners who were getting rich in the Wild West... it was the guys selling them the picks and shovel. We've seen that adage proven true time and time again in the investment world. And today, the company we're about to share with you is the best pick-and-shovel play in the now-flourishing cannabis industry.

The #1 Cannabis Startup to Target Today

It's rare that everyday investors in America get an opportunity to become an angel investor. This has long been something in which only the wealthiest 2% could take part. But today, we're going to give you an inside look at an Angel Investing opportunity too good to pass up.

The Millionaire-Making Mergers & Acquisitions Set to Happen This Year

As you read this, the titans of this multibillion-dollar industry are thinking about what will be the next big thing or perhaps negotiating a deal. And no industry right now is generating the kind of attention from this group of elites than cannabis. After all, we're witnessing the disruption of these industries in real time. And it's only the beginning.

How to 10X Your Money During the Coming Elections

Legislators cannot overlook the weight of current public opinion. Nor can they ignore the financial windfall that cannabis can provide. States like California have gotten the media spotlight for a long time where cannabis is concerned. Now, it's time to shine a spotlight on the red states that are pushing the pro-cannabis agenda in the U.S.