Updated June 5, 2020

Canopy Growth Corporation

Canopy Growth Corporation is the largest cannabis company in the world. As with most other Canadian cannabis companies, the company started under that country’s medical regime. Their strategy was to...
Updated June 4, 2020

Tilray Inc.

Tilray is a vertically integrated and federally licensed cannabis company which researches, cultivates, and produces medical cannabis and cannabinoids through agreements with pharmaceutical distributors. They currently grow marijuana in Canada and Europe. Tilray was the first Canadian marijuana grower to export medical cannabis to Europe and were also the first U.S. cannabis IPO. The company develops CBD, THC and hybrid extracts, and dried cannabis.
Updated June 4, 2020

Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. was the first American publicly held company involved in cannabis and industrial hemp. Through their subsidiaries, Medical Marijuana distributes and sells CBD and associated products derived from hemp. These CBD products include nutritional supplements, including pure CBD hemp oil extracts, tinctures, sprays, capsules, vaporizers, and bath and body products. They even have a line of CBD products for pets. Medical Marijuana, Inc. operates primarily through three subsidiaries – Kannaway, HempMeds, and CanChew.
Updated June 4, 2020

MedMen Enterprises Inc.

MedMen Enterprises is the preeminent retail cannabis company in the United States. They own and operate licensed cannabis facilities in cultivation, manufacturing, and retail. The Company is also the single largest financial supporter of progressive marijuana laws at the local, state, and federal levels, giving directly to pro-legalization groups, industry organizations and political candidates. MedMen became a publicly traded company through a reverse takeover, or RTO, on May 29, 2018 and is one of the most well-recognized cannabis brands in the U.S. today.
Updated June 3, 2020

Wildflower Brands Inc.

Overview: Wildflower Brands, Inc. is a holistic cannabis company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The company has 25 SKUs in over 300 retail dispensaries and works with over 45 wellness and healthcare practitioners across the United States where it sells cannabis...Click...
Updated June 3, 2020

Namaste Technologies Inc.

Namaste Technologies aims to be the “Amazon of Cannabis” through their one-stop shop of cannabis accessories, CBD products, and growing equipment. They do not sell cannabis through this platform. It is the largest such distributor in Europe and Australia. Overall the company operates in 20 countries and is seeking an up-listing to the NASDAQ.
Updated June 3, 2020

Columbia Care Inc

Columbia Care is a multistate, vertically integrated cannabis operator. Its footprint spans 10 states with facilities in development in three others.
Updated May 29, 2020

Flower One Holdings Inc.

Overview: Flower One Holdings Inc. is a cultivator and producer of cannabis. The company is headquartered in Canada but, through its subsidiaries, conducts all of its operations in Nevada and is currently the largest cannabis cultivator in the state. Flower...Click...
Updated May 29, 2020

SMART Cannabis Corp.

Smart Cannabis Corp. (“SCC”) is a Northern California-based holding company operating through three subsidiaries: Fluid Extraction Inc., SAP Investments, and Next Generation Farming (“Next Gen”).