With The Cannabis Venture Syndicate, You Can Enter the Ultra-Lucrative Arena of Private Investing

Right here, right now, you’ve can enter an arena that only 0.1% of Americans ever step into.

The arena of startup investing.

A chance to stake your claim to the kind of money that lasts for generations.

That’s not an exaggeration.

You’ve already seen the outsized gains that are possible with public cannabis stocks…

But these gains pale in comparison to what those who invested privately in cannabis companies have earned.

In fact, once you start seeing the kind of returns that are available to private investors, you’ll never be the same again.

Let’s look at Canopy Growth as an example…

Investors that bought Canopy when it went public made enough to grow a $10,000 investment to $227,500. That’s an incredible return.

However, for private investors who were able to invest in Canopy just six months prior, that same $10,000 initial stake grew to over $1.2 million.

That’s over five time as much as a public investor enjoyed.

As the #1 resource for cannabis investors, hundreds of these types of deals come to us every year.

And we know that only a small number of these deals have the potential to be blockbuster, multi-billion dollar companies. We want to makes sure we get those few, top-tier deals, in front a select group of our readers.

Because we know these kinds of companies are the only way to turn a small stake into potentially millions of dollars.

Fact is, it’s our mission to show average folks new ways to tap into the unbelievable growth in this industry.

Because without a doubt, we believe the biggest returns can come from this kind of early-stage investing.

That’s why we’ve created The Cannabis Venture Syndicate

A brand-new research service dedicated to bringing average investors four to six private investment deals over the next 12 months.

Each of these deals has the potential to return profits of 1,000% to 100,000%.

But this is only the beginning…

As one of our subscribers, you’ll immediately gain access to…

  • The Private Investing Primer – This is a short book with the 12 most important lessons you need to know to start investing in private companies. It covers everything from building a deal flow, analyzing a pitch, understanding valuation and deal structure…It reviews the different kinds of deals and what kinds of investors can participate in each. It could be a Regulation A+ or crowdfunded… these are the types of deals anyone with any income or net worth can participate in…Or it could be Regulation D that only accepts accredited investors. There’s a chapter that reviews the different rounds of private financing and their advantages and drawbacks. So if you want to know the difference between a seed round, an angel round, and a series A, you can flip to this chapter. Plus, it has a glossary of terms. So if a CEO in one of their pitches uses a term like “burn rate” or “pro rata” or “dilution,” you can just flip to that glossary and you’ll know exactly what they’re talking about.
  • A Digital “Deal Kit” – Every time on of our National Institute of Cannabis Investors board members find an interesting new deal from a private cannabis company, they bring it to the team to vet. If the deal looks good, they’ll send members…A Video Pitch Deck Presentation from a company executive…A complete Due Diligence Package…A Deal Memo…And a Terms Sheet that breaks down everything you need to know to move forward on one of these lucrative deals.
  • Text Message Alerts – Whenever a new deal is announced, I can also choose to be notified through my cell phone along with the email notifications.
  • The Private Investor Deal Record – Every month, I’ll receive an update on all the developments of the deals presented to the Cannabis Venture Syndicate. That way I can track updates and get the chance to participate in any follow-up rounds the companies may offer.
  • Special Email Alerts – Real-time updates on major advances, clinical trials or progress, mergers and acquisitions, and IPO progress.
  • Membership to the Cannabis Venture Mastermind – This online forum lets you can start connecting with fellow members right away.
  • Free Tickets to the Annual NICI Retreat – At this event, I can participate in a live Mastermind meeting just for the Cannabis Venture Syndicate. Here, I’ll meet my fellow members and get to hear live, in-person pitches from startup founders.
  • And more…

Remember, every deal we recommend has the potential to deliver profits of 1,000% to 100,000%.

And we’ll be by your side as each opportunity develops.

Make no mistake, we believe this rare opportunity is unlike anything you’ve ever seen – or ever will see – again.

Because once you start seeing the kind of returns that can be available to private investors, you’ll never be the same again.

Now you can join the 0.1 percent of Americans who drive our economy forward -and stake your claim to the kind of money that lasts for generations.

All you have to do is click the button below and you’ll be taken to a brief form where you can secure one of the limited membership spots available today.

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