We’re About to See an Explosion of
Cannabis IPOs
Don’t Miss Your Chance to Get the Inside Scoop Before They Go Public!
There has never been a better time to be a cannabis investor than right now. Period.

The team here at the Institute projects 35 cannabis companies will IPO.

And get this… that’s just over the next month and a half.

That’s nearly one a day that will go public… for the next month and a half.

And we have another group coming right after them.

This is going to be a trend that continues for some time, and it’s a really big deal.

This opportunity is so big, we have an entire wing of the institute dedicated solely to tracking and vetting every, single cannabis IPO.

Simply put, the potential to make fast money from cannabis IPOs is off the charts.

Previous IPOs have rewarded shareholders to the tune of…


Now, history has shown that IPOs are intentionally underpriced on Day 1 to create momentum. It’s the best-kept-secret about IPOs – not just cannabis IPOs.

So investors who get in on IPO day could be handsomely rewarded right out of the gate.

Imagine seeing your investment soar 100%, 200%, or more between the time Wall Street rings the opening bell in the morning and the closing bell that same afternoon.

And then, as the momentum builds and builds for these companies, your shares could soar 1,000% or more in the weeks and months after.

That’s what’s possible.

It all comes down to this.

The way I see it – if you want to make fast money in cannabis – you need to go all in on the best-of-the-best IPOs.

That’s why we created Cannabis IPO Insider.

To help us at the institute evaluate all of these IPOs to find the ones that will generate the most wealth for you, we’ve enlisted the help of Danny Brody.

Danny has brought two cannabis IPOs to fruition, including the largest one ever, and he’s connected to just about everyone in the cannabis industry – not just executives, but bankers, regulators, and more.
Danny has the power to open doors in the cannabis industry that only a few can.
He’s going to leverage his extensive connections and experience.

He’s going to provide everything to our team.  And we’re going run it through our database of cannabis firms, analyze each upcoming IPO, and most important, identify, which could be the cream of the crop.

But that is just a small taste of what’s to come…

As a member of this brand-new venture, you’ll also have access to:

Our IPO HotlistTwice a month, we’ll send you our IPO Hotlist. It’s a complete overview of each firm that’s set to go public. Their operations will have been thoroughly vetted. Their financials, executive teams,  every detail has been scrutinized. Once Danny has done his part, our team is going to break all of this down for you – and tell you when we’re projecting each of these companies will go public.
Cannabis IPO Dossiers: Twice a month, we’re going to select the two IPOs that have the greatest upside. Our team is going to run all of the numbers, double and triple check everything. And for each target, we’re going to prepare a Cannabis IPO Dossier. It’s a big document that has all of the critical research and information you need to know about that firm.
Virtual Hot Seat – A week before a company IPOs, our team is going to host a Virtual Hot Seat. We will answer as many of the most popular questions you and your fellow members send in as possible. If you want to know how we’re coming to our profit projections, or you’re curious about a company’s operations, or their business partners, make sure to let us know. Nothing is out of bounds.

Vital Updates: The minute we learn of any news that can affect these IPOs… If they ink a new deal, release their quarterly reports or any other major news… you will immediately be notified via email.
Cannabis Insider’s Report – During the first week of every month, you’ll receive a copy of the Cannabis Insider’s Report. It has the industry’s biggest trends and events, any news of major mergers, or political moves. It’s all been compiled, analyzed, and presented to you in a simple to read format. This won’t be information overload.  You’ll be able to quickly use this research and apply it to your investments.
Founder’s Roundtable – Every month, we’ll also be hosting a Founder’s Roundtable. It will feature our board members and some of the founders of the major cannabis firms. We’ll be talking IPOs and the future of the industry.
And more…

As you can see, this is a very hands-on venture.

From start-to-finish, you’re going to have a team of industry experts who’ve made REAL MONEY in this industry by your side, guiding you through each of these recommendations.

We’re conservatively projecting that each of these opportunities has 1,000% (or more) upside.

Frankly, this is an industry that has produced countless 5,000, 10,000, even 20,000% windfalls.

And you’ll keep receiving two new IPO recommendations every month from here on out.

Nothing like this has ever been done before.

An opportunity this big has not existed since the end of prohibition in the ’30s.

That’s almost 90 years.

So don’t let this pass you by.

That’s why this is so exciting.

All you have to do is click the button below to find out how you can become a cannabis IPO insider for yourself.

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