Updated October 21, 2019

Auxly Cannabis Group

Co-founder of Canopy Growth, Chuck Rifici, founded Auxly as a marijuana streaming company. This means Auxly, formerly Cannabis Wheaton, provides support in cultivation, regulation, construction, retail, and financing to companies all along the cannabis supply chain. In exchange for these services, Auxly receives royalties on sales, future products, or exclusive licensing agreements. This innovative streaming model is meant to combat the undersupply of cannabis in the Canadian market as legalization day approaches and is unlike any other producer NICI has seen.
Updated October 17, 2019

AeroGrow International

This company only has a tangential relationship to the cannabis industry. It is only represented in the database for completeness. We will not be providing AeroGrow International with a rating for these reasons, but we will keep an eye out for further developments.
Updated October 17, 2019

Rubicon Organics

Rubicon Organics is a British Columbia-based cannabis producer with operations in both the United States and Canada. Rubicon Organics is one of the three publicly traded certified organic cannabis producers. The company has cultivation, production, and distribution capabilities and is growing its proprietary cannabis for its 1964 Supply Co. brand.
Updated October 17, 2019

Cannabis Sativa, Inc.

Cannabis Sativa Inc. (OTCQB:CBDS), based out of Mesquite, Nevada, ("CBDS") has positioned itself as a company that uses strategic partnerships to embed itself in multiple aspects of the marijuana and hemp business vertical through intellectual property licensing, cannabis-related technology services, as well as in marketing and branding for cannabis-based products and services.
Updated October 17, 2019

Tinley Beverage Company Inc.

Tinley Beverage is an alcohol-free, cannabis-infused beverage and supplement company. Located in California, the Company sells its products in retail locations in California and online throughout the United States.
Updated October 16, 2019

SOL Global Investments Corp.

SOL Global Investments Corp. (SOL), previously Scythian Biosciences, is an international cannabis company with a focus on markets outside of Canada. The company operates through its strategic investments and divestitures in cannabis companies across the U.S., Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. The company's current investment portfolio includes a research partnership with the University of Miami, and investments in Prohbtd and Verano Holdings.
Updated October 16, 2019

Isodiol International Inc.

Formerly Laguna Blends, Isodiol International Inc. manufactures pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD) products with the ability to export these products globally.  The company was effectively re-established in May of 2017 when Isodiol was acquired by Laguna Blends for $4.5 million in cash and stock and a new CEO, Marco Agramont, was named. Laguna Blends was subsequently renamed Isodiol International Inc. Since then, Isodiol has raised US$74 million in capital through private placements, acquired 10 companies and entered into a variety of strategic licensing agreements.