Your Chance to Be a Part of Danny Brody’s Cannabis Inner Circle

In May, one of the most established recreational markets in the United States, Colorado, announced sales hit an all-time high of $192 million.

Arizona and New Jersey could legalize recreational cannabis in November, and state officials around the country have realized cannabis is medicine, so they are deeming it essential.

With the cannabis industry evolving at such a breakneck speed, it has become more important than ever to have an insider edge to navigate all of the new opportunities that lie ahead.

That’s where Danny Brody comes in.

He’s one of the most well-connected players in cannabis – this guy lives and breathes it.

Danny is the architect behind three IPOs which, at their peak valuations, created $2.5 billion in new wealth. He is also currently the CEO of Elements of Green and TGOD Acquisitions Corp., Partner at RADD Capital, and Chief Corporate Officer at HempFusion.

He’s the perfect person to help navigate a new era of profit opportunities in an industry some expect could be worth $1 trillion.

That’s why we created Danny Brody‘s Cannabis Inner Circle.

When you’re in his Inner Circle, it’s full of jam-packed benefits.

  • Real-Time Profit Alerts that tell you exactly how to make trades and when to take profits.
  • Insider Field Reports where Danny will pull out his phone and record updates on breaking news when something big happens, no matter where he is during that particular moment. He could be touring a cultivation center or having lunch with key executives. It doesn’t matter. Right then and there, he’s going to shoot a video and send it to you ASAP.
  • The Founder’s Roundtable featuring leaders of major cannabis companies. You won’t have to just read quotes from CEOs in press releases anymore. You will hear from them directly.
  • The Cannabis Insider Network is a closed-door online group – access is only granted to individuals who have joined the Inner Circle; it’s just you and your fellow insiders. Inside the network, you can ask questions, share ideas, and get to know the other members of this group.

And that’s just a small taste of the benefits and features this service has to offer.

You are free to learn more about how you can become the next member of Danny’s Inner Circle right here.