November 7, 2018

Forget the Wannabes, These Two Cannabis IPOs Have Real Star Power

The best strategy for turning a small stake into a potential fortune in the cannabis market is simple: If you want a way to make fast money you need to act only on the best-of-the-best IPOs. And right now is the perfect time to strike. We’re about to see the explosion of new cannabis IPOs. But you can’t jump blindly into just any one. It’s critical to target the right ones. And we’ve already got our sights set on the best there is.
October 31, 2018

New IPO Hotlist Swells to More Than Three Dozen

Nineteen U.S. companies headline the Insider's exclusive IPO Hotlist in its latest update. The Hotlist provides information on the private cannabis companies that are about to hit the market (as well as a few that have just gone through an IPO and are still newly traded).
October 30, 2018

Why We Avoided Two New Cannabis IPOS

We know you might have a question or two by today. You're probably wondering why, with some IPOs about to hit (or already on) the market, we aren't recommending these IPOs. Our answer is that The Cannabis IPO Insider is focused on bringing you the companies with the best chances at very strong short-term gains. We also know there are even better opportunities on the horizon worth waiting for.
October 23, 2018

Video Investor Presentation: Slang

SLANG Worldwide: Watch as NICI Executive Director Greg Miller takes you through why SLANG Worldwide and its elite-level branding plans could make it the "Procter and Gamble" of Pot."
October 23, 2018

Video Investor Presentation: Cresco

Cresco Labs LLC: Watch as NICI Executive Director Greg Miller takes you through Cresco's unique spin on the "seed to sale" approach to the cannabis industry and the huge advantage it is building up even as a yet unlisted company.