What Is NICILytics?

When you first start searching for cannabis stocks to buy, most investors want to see a list so they know all the options that are available to them.

Those lists aren’t hard to find on Google, but there’s one problem…

They give you absolutely no insight on whether these stocks are worth buying. For all you know, the company could have been involved in mineral mining up until a year ago and just jumped in the cannabis market to make a quick buck.

So that’s why, of everything we offer here at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, we are the proudest of NICILytics – our one-of-a-kind Stock Database.

It’s what we at the Institute like to call “The Vault.”

The Vault contains our highly secured database of cannabis companies.

It is one of the major features that sets the National Institute for Cannabis Investors apart from everyone else.

Rating of Five

The highest rating is a 5. Companies that have 5 ratings are simply the best of the best in the industry. They have established operations, an explosive business plan, and management equipped to lead them forward.

Rating of Four

A company rated a 4 is still a top-tier firm, and it has growing operations and impressive numbers. But, it just isn’t quite a 5 yet.

Rating of Three

A rating of 3 signifies the middle of the pack. These are companies that normally show promise but are missing some key pieces. A three rating also means that we’re likely keeping our eye on them to see if they make any major changes. Depending on these changes, we will be thinking of a re-rating.

Rating of Two

A company rated a 2 just isn’t that impressive. They have major issues like a lack of capital, or a ton of shares outstanding. In general, we don’t see a bright future for companies rated a 2. That leads people to wonder what the difference is between a 1 and a 2.

Rating of One

The difference is crucial. A company rated a 1 should be avoided at all costs. These companies show major red flags, which tells me there is no value in investing in them.

Rating of Zero

A company with a 0 rating is one that doesn’t release enough information for us to make a fair analysis. It could be something as basic as no website, or they are not providing something more fundamental like no public financial statements.