NICI plans to have an annual event with our members along with some of the most important movers-and-shakers in the cannabis industry. We created this conference to help bridge the gap between our experts and you – our most dedicated followers.

At the First Annual National Institute for Cannabis Investors Retreat this October, you’ll get to meet face to face with industry leaders and fellow members. You’ll shake hands with the CEOs of some of the biggest firms. You’ll get to meet executives at the most promising startups. You’ll have a front row seat as key players present their latest developments. More importantly, you’ll gain actionable, trade-able advice from some of the biggest names in the industry to help you best profit from the biggest economic phenomenon in history.

Tickets are currently sold out for this year’s conference, but you can still place yourself on the waiting list. If a ticket becomes available we will notify you. Find out more information about the conference HERE.

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