First off, go through the resources on the website and your Dashboard. NICI has assembled free reports, videos, how-to training sessions, and more that can turn even the most intimidated new trader into an expert in rapid fashion. But, if nothing else, look out for the regularly occurring trade alerts and follow the advice of Executive Director Greg Millier, who is also NICI’s lead analyst. Of course, make sure you have a way to trade stocks – be it a physical broker or an online account that you put money into.

As a member, you will receive on average 1-2 new recommendations a month emailed to your inbox. These trades will be added to the Portfolio within 24 hours. The Portfolio is where we track all of our open trades. If you became a member after we made a recommendation, you can find out whether it is still a valid buy or not by checking the “Notes.” Valid trades will be listed as “BUY.” Sold positions will be removed from the Portfolio within 24 hours.

If you haven’t already, explore NICILytics, a complete database of Cannabis stocks, the NICI Membership and the Danny Brody’s Cannabis Inner Circle.

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