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Updated October 7, 2019

Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. (“Arena”) develops drugs that selectively target protein receptors of cells. Its research and development efforts are premised under the hypothesis that drugs designed to selectively target these receptors provide more effective and safe treatments.

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Arena Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel drugs that target G protein-coupled receptors, or GPCRs, to address unmet medical needs. BELVIQ (lorcaserin HCl), their internally discovered drug for chronic weight management, is their first and only drug approved by any regulatory agency for marketing. BELVIQ was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, for marketing in the United States, and was made available by prescription in June 2013 to adults who are overweight with a comorbidity or obese. They are exploring BELVIQ for possible new indications, using different formulations, and in combination with other drugs.