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Updated September 20, 2021

Acacia Diversified Holdings Inc.

Acacia Diversified Holdings Inc. is a hemp company based out of Texas that operates through its wholly owned subsidiaries MariJ Pharmaceuticals and Eufloria Medical of Tennessee.

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Acacia Automotive Inc. is the newest member of the auto auction industry, but comes with seasoned veterans in management. Acacia’s management believes there were once three companies in balance that provided the industry’s clients with a solid stance and fair choice. That balance was destroyed when one leg was eliminated with the sale and subsequent absorption of ADT Automotive in two thousand. Acacia intends to bring back that balance and return a much-needed stabilization to the industry because it believes `competition is a good thing`. The Company intends to incorporate innovation, diversification, technology, and above all the highest level of service and integrity in the industry today to propel it toward its goals.