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LEEF Organics

LEEF Organics is a CBD and Wellness company specializing in the formulation of cosmetic and topical skin and beauty products that are 100% organic and non-GMO from seed to soil, with everything harvested by hand. The company places a focus on Whole Plant CBD, as it believes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and contains the necessary cannabinoids, terpenes, acids, and proteins.

CBD products in its portfolio include skin balms, oils, bath tea, and soaps, including a CBD pet product portfolio consisting of CBD treats and a CBD formula under its pet CBD brand Paleo Paw. LEEF is demonstrating impressive speed to scale, with products already selling in Nordstrom, one of the biggest retailers in the country. Soaps, balms, and oils for both men and women are listed under an official All Wellness category on Nordstrom’s main website alongside notable brands like Nike, Kate Spade, and Adidas. LEEF products are receiving great reviews, and are often showcased at large exhibits and conferences as a trophy example of a CBD product.

LEEF also runs an affiliate program that offers distributors the chance to sell LEEF branded products at a 20% base commission fee and 15% commission for coupon/loyalty/cashback sites. This agreement comes with special deals and seasonal bundles, along with press shout-outs.


LEEF Organics CEO Micah Anderson has been actively involved in the cannabis industry for the last two decades as a dispensary and farm owner, manufacturer, and distributor. Interestingly, when he met co-founder Emily Heitman, they were drawn to finding solutions for the health of their dogs, leading to the beginning of the Paleo Paw brand and the pair’s foray into the CBD business. However, it’s only completed one known raise for a little under $2 million from a private investor. Whether that speaks to LEEF’s inability to attract investors and raise capital remains to be seen.

IPO Details

Valuation N/A
Total Raised $2.0M
NICI Subsector Health & Wellness