NICI Quick Take

Golden Seed Inc. is a private, vertically-integrated hemp company.

It is currently conducting a Series A funding round of $10 million, with shares priced at $10 each for a minimum investment of $100. In terms of its operations, Golden Seed has secured a long-term lease on a 120,000 square foot greenhouse for cultivation. It will utilize about 80,000 square feet for processing, where it is hoping to extract oils, create distillates, and hemp cigarettes, the latter for which it has signed a joint venture agreement already. Golden Seed believes that it is a possible acquisition target, and will get acquired in a transaction that gives all shareholders a return on investment. It also has stated that given the right market conditions, it will hold an IPO.


This company is only represented in the CNI IPO Hotlist for completeness, and has not provided timing on when it plans on going public.

IPO Details

Valuation $10.0M
Total Raised $10.0M
NICI Subsector Cultivator, Processor