With NICILytics, You Could Have the Most Powerful Cannabis-Investing Tool at Your Fingertips

Of everything we offer here at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, we are the proudest of NICILytics – our one-of-a-kind Stock Database.

What we at the Institute like to call “The Vault.”

The Vault contains our highly secured database of cannabis companies.

This vault is one of the major features that sets the National Institute of Cannabis Investors apart from everyone else.

When the NICI team started to look for the best cannabis companies in the world to recommend to our subscribers, we were shocked at the poor state of information about the companies in the industry.

Often, even very basic information like the company’s name, its lines of business, even its number of shares was just wrong on every platform we looked at.

Not just the free ones like Yahoo! Finance or the information platform, which comes with your online brokerage account, but sources like Bloomberg, which cost thousands of dollars per month!

So we created our own.

NICILytics is easily the most comprehensive database of cannabis companies on the planet.

It includes every publicly traded cannabis company, a number of companies planning on going public soon, and a lot of extremely promising new startups.

All of these companies have undergone our comprehensive vetting process.

They’ve all been rated on our simple 1-5 scale.

If you want to see all the cannabis tech stocks, or the medical firms, or the up-and-coming brands – you can sort this database by market sector.

Or, if you want to find just the best of the best, you can sort by rating.

So if you want, you can find every single company we’ve rated a 5… a strong buy.

Any one of these companies could be our next monthly recommendation…

And as an ELITE member, you can discover them before the rest of our members.

So having access to this vault can help you find more winners… and giving you the potential to make more money, faster.

Learn more about NICILytics here.