NICI Membership: Fast-Track Your Path to Marijuana Millions

There has never been an opportunity like the one we have today with cannabis.

Never before has a multi-billion dollar industry emerged so quickly.

Never before has the average investor held such an advantage over the large Wall Street banks.

And, more importantly, never before has the path to real, life-altering wealth in the stock market been so obvious, if you know where to invest.

That’s where the NICI Membership comes in.

With Speaker Boehner and Danny Brody’s help, we’ve assembled the most successful cannabis CEOs and investors in modern history.

As well as the most politically connected players in this industry.

For the first time ever, we’ve all joined forces.

Our members have inside access to industry experts like Avtar Dhillon – the first chairman of the Cannabis Canada Association. Dr. Michael Dor, the senior advisor on cannabis research for the Israeli Ministry of Health. And John Vardaman, a senior lawyer in the Department of Justice for Presidents Bush and Obama, who drafted the Cole Memo that said the federal government wouldn’t go after states that legalize cannabis.

But that’s just the beginning…

As one of our subscribers, you’ll immediately gain access to:

  • A New Cannabis Investment Package Every Month – During the first week of every month, our The Institute’s head analyst will reveal two new profit opportunities to target, PLUS a Video Investor Presentation to guide you through every chart, all the financials, and our projections for future returns.
  • State of the Cannabis Industry DossiersEvery quarter, we will mail you a comprehensive State of the Cannabis Industry Dossier. Inside, you will find a complete forecast and projections for each segment of the industry.
  • Online Boardroom MeetingsEvery month, you can listen in as leaders in this industry exchange business ideas and present new opportunities. The board will talk about the deals being worked on – political changes taking place – new players entering the market – and big mergers and acquisitions. And if you have questions, you can submit them live. The board members will cover as many as they can.
  • Virtual Business PitchesIn addition to the monthly recommendations from the folks at the Institute – you’ll hear from the brightest CEOs and experts from around the industry. They’ll conduct business pitches, just for our members. They’ll even explain why you should consider investing in their companies.
  • Vital UpdatesThe minute I learn of any news that can affect your position in any opportunities, you will immediately be notified via email.
  • And more…

Nobody has ever done anything like this before.

And nobody will ever be able to do something like this again.

As a member, you will be fast-tracking your path to becoming a marijuana millionaire.

Make no mistake; this offer is only reserved for folks who want to take this opportunity seriously (and turn it into a real shot at making serious money).

We’re not going to waste a moment.

We’re going to hit the ground running.

So make sure you don’t miss your chance to be a part of history.

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