New year, new sales records, and new legalization efforts…

Welcome to your first NICI Snippets of 2022 – your roundup of the biggest headlines coming out of the cannabis industry, tailored for investors.

If you’ve seen my latest Cannabis Market Predictions for 2022 series, then you already know that I’m expecting some major developments in the cannabis industry in 2022. (You can hear the rest of my 11 predictions for your pot stocks this year by clicking here.)

One of the predictions I’m most confident in is that we’ll see more states open their doors to legal cannabis sales in 2022, creating more moneymaking opportunities for you and the companies you’re invested in.

And only a few days into the new year, we already have a full list of states with new legalization efforts in the works.

Between new pushes for legalization and current markets continuing to break their own sales records, these states are setting the tone for cannabis’ biggest year to date.

And you better believe your favorite cannabis companies are ready to profit…

New Year, New State Markets

  • Maryland: State Del. Luke Clippinger (D-Baltimore City) submitted a long-awaited bill to put cannabis legalization on the ballot in November, a proposal that is virtually guaranteed to pass with support from Speaker of the House Adrienne Jones (D- Baltimore County) and the two-thirds of Maryland voters who support legalization. This is one of the most surefire states to legalize in 2022… Here’s how to secure the biggest gains before that happens.
  • Iowa: Democrats in Iowa are taking a page out of Maryland’s playbook and proposing a constitutional amendment for voters to decide on whether to legalize recreational cannabis statewide. Though the proposal’s success relies on a Republican-controlled legislature, this development marks a big step forward in Iowa’s stifled efforts to legalize. One poll found that 53% of Iowans support recreational cannabis legalization, and with new states opening their markets each year, lawmakers can’t defy voters for long.
  • Kentucky: Democratic leaders from Kentucky’s state legislature announced that legalizing medical cannabis is among their top priorities for the 2022 legislative session. With a Democratic governor calling medical marijuana “the future,” bipartisan agreement on the need for legalization, and more than 90% of Kentucky residents supporting medical cannabis – this is one state that I’m adding to my legalization watchlist for 2022.

Record Sales Ring in the New Year

  • Illinois: In December, Illinois sold a record-breaking amount of cannabis at $137.9 million, tallying annual sales for 2021 at $1.4 billion – more than doubling its total sales for 2020. In only its second year of recreational sales, cannabis generated an additional $387 million in tax revenue, which is more than $100 million more than what the state collected from alcohol sales. NICI Membership subscribers can access my complete guide to profits in Illinois right here.
  • Arkansas: Further down south, Arkansas’ medical-only cannabis market sold a record-breaking $250 million in cannabis in 2021, compared to its $175 million sales in 2020. This industry is only three years old, and with two recreational legalization bills awaiting consideration by the state legislature, this is another state to watch in 2022.

To prepare your portfolio for all of the new money to be made from cannabis investing this year, you can access my list of the top companies to own in Maryland here, Pennsylvania here, and Ohio here – three of the states topping my legalization watchlist.

And if you’re interested in making some additional money from another emerging industry in 2022, my colleague put together this list of the top psychedelics stocks to own so you can take full advantage of this underground industry’s explosive profit potential. Click here to learn more.

To your investing success,

Danny Brody
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


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