These will be the top moneymaking catalysts to watch in the new year…

The new year is only weeks away – and I believe that 2022 is going to be the most important year-to-date for your pot stocks.

With new states legalizing cannabis and opening their markets, a wave of consolidation sweeping the industry’s top and mid-tier operators, and new technologies hitting the market each month, next year will bring a surge of additional revenue into the cannabis industry – and into your pocket as an investor.

I want you to be as excited as I am about what’s coming for your pot stocks in the new year, which is why I’m unveiling this all-new video series where you’ll hear 11 of my own moneymaking predictions for the cannabis market in 2022.

This will be a four-episode series stacked with opportunities that span the following categories: cannabis legalization, market movement, cannabis branding, and new products and developments.

Here is your first set of predictions for the cannabis market in 2022, starting with legalization…

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To your investing success,

Danny Brody
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors



3 responses to “Cannabis Market Predictions for 2022: New Year, New Legalization Efforts, New Profit Opportunities (Part One)”

  1. fun, fast @ Fabulous!
    NOWhere else can you find this kind of information in one place.
    im proud to be a Lifetime
    kt klene

  2. What are your predictions for 2022, given the fact that store owners and operators in California say the cannabis market there is set up to fail.*
    Complicated local rules, understaffed city departments’ 2 tiered licensing
    system(local then state), legal battles and slow communication.
    Though they are trying to solve these problems, that seems to be taking up just as much time! One owner who held his storefront for 2 years, spent
    $150,000 and then walked away due to the problems and stress of dealing
    the bureaucracy. Thanks, Herbert Swope 111. *(Politico 12/21/2021)

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