Maryland voters could legalize cannabis next year, and you can position yourself to profit before that happens…

Cannabis legalization is a question of “when,” not “if.”

That’s especially true for Maryland, where an annual poll from Goucher College found that 66% of Maryland residents have supported cannabis legalization since 2015.

And for the first time in 2020, that included a majority of state Republicans.

Already, its booming medical cannabis program has churned out $1 billion in sales.

But despite this overwhelming public support and the success of medical cannabis, the Maryland state legislature has so far failed to act on cannabis legalization.

Here’s why that’s about to change.

In states like Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, we’re watching as residents grow increasingly sick and tired of waiting for lawmakers to do their job.

Click to learn about how Pennsylvania and Ohio residents are working to force lawmakers’ hands on cannabis legalization (and how you can make money from it).

Just this summer, the Speaker of Maryland’s House of Delegates Adrienne Jones announced her support for adding cannabis legalization to the ballot in November 2022 – meaning that voters could get to decide whether they want cannabis legalization in Maryland.

That’s a question that we already know the answer to.

And it’s why Maryland sits at the top of my legalization watchlist for 2022.

The best part is that with a full-fledged medical market, you can buy shares of the state’s top cannabis operators who are positioned to dominate the state’s recreational market before it’s even legalized.

So to give you a head start on the profits, check out the top five companies that are dominating Maryland’s cannabis market…

Want to learn more about the Maryland cannabis market the opportunity it presents for investors? Check out this story on my favorite Maryland player.

To your investing success,

Danny Brody
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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