Here’s how to make the most money from recreational cannabis legalization in Ohio…

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Cannabis legalization is the will of the people, and the residents of Ohio refuse to wait any longer to see it happen.

Right now, an activist group called the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (CTRMLA) is taking things into their own hands with a petition that would force the Ohio state legislature to vote on legalizing recreational cannabis next year.

The petition is just days away from hitting its benchmark of 133,000 signatures, making recreational legalization in Ohio a question of when – not if.

This would set off the transition from a medical cannabis market that’s already on track for $400 million in sales this year to a recreational market that includes the rest of the state and its 11 million residents.

We’ve seen how legal cannabis sales can easily double, even triple, just during the first year in states that pass recreational legalization. (Remember Michigan and Illinois?)

There are big profits at stake here for investors who act now, which is why I’m diving into the Ohio cannabis market for the second episode of my 2022 Legalization Watchlist, where I’m uncovering the top profit plays in each state that could legalize cannabis next year.

So join me as I reveal my favorite players in Ohio’s cannabis market to help you make the most money from Ohio both before and after recreational legalization…

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To your investing success,

Danny Brody
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


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  1. Is it wise to keep holding stocks of Trulieve, Planet 13 and the like? They’ve done nothing but lose me money this whole year?

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