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Welcome back to NICI Snippets – your roundup of the biggest headlines coming out of the cannabis industry tailored specifically for investors.

This week, one of the biggest up-and-coming multistate operators (MSOs) acquired its first New Jersey dispensary, adding the Garden State to its ever-growing list of operational markets.

Meanwhile, celebrities are intensifying the pressure on Washington D.C. to make good on the promise of federal cannabis reform as America reaches a boiling point.

I also have some truly remarkable data to report about the growth of the cannabis industry over this past year, as well as a bonus moneymaking opportunity that you should take advantage of while you still can.

You won’t want to miss these headlines and more as the markets heat up for the fall…

NICI Snippets: Week of September 22, 2021

  • Ayr Wellness Inc. (OTC: AYRWF) Enters the Garden State via Acquisition of New Jersey Operator: Last week, one of the fastest-growing MSOs – Ayr Wellness – closed its acquisition of Garden State Dispensary, one of the 12 existing medical cannabis companies that are vertically-integrated in New Jersey. Garden State Dispensary has 3 retail locations and a 30,000 square-feet cultivation and production facility, with an additional 70,000 square-feet under construction. This will make Ayr one of the first companies to sell recreational cannabis in New Jersey as the seventh state in its ever-growing national portfolio.
  • Celebrities Call for Biden to Decriminalize Cannabis in Open Letter: This week, President Joe Biden received a letter signed by more than 150 celebrities and other public figures including Drake, Killer Mike, and 2 Chainz requesting he pardon people that have been federally charged with a cannabis crime. Then, just yesterday, Amazon posted on its blog that “we strongly believe the time has come to reform the nation’s cannabis policy,” committing again to using its powerful lobbyists to push for federal legalization. With pressure mounting from multiple Fortune 500 companies and public figures, the pressure is mounting on Biden to make good on his campaign promises of cannabis reform – and it’s only a matter before to dam finally breaks.
  • Michael Robinson Reveals Which Cryptocurrency Will Make You the Most Money: I’ll give you a hint – it’s not Bitcoin. Similar to the way rookie cannabis investors go straight to buying the less-fruitful Canadian pot stocks on Robinhood, investors looking to buy cryptocurrency will head straight for Bitcoin, not knowing that the ship to make the most money has long-sailed. That’s why my colleague Michael Robinson put together a list of three coins that could make you more money today than Bitcoin ever would, and he’s willing to show you exactly which ones. Click here to find out where to put your money to make the most out of cryptocurrency.
  • Annual Report Reveals the Cannabis Industry Is Growing at a Record Clip: New Frontier Data – one of the world’s leading cannabis data analytics firms – released its Global Cannabis Report last week, which measures the growth and performance of every major cannabis market in the world. It revealed that over the last year, consumers in both legal and illegal markets spent almost half-a-trillion dollars on cannabis combined. I’ll dive deeper into why that statistic should excite you in my newest video, along with seven other major findings from the report that tell me your pot stocks are nowhere near finished making you money. Click here to watch that now.
  • NICI’s Moneymaking Watchlist for Fall: Now that the stock market’s slow season is ending, I’m revealing my list of the stocks to keep your eye on as the market picks back up. These are the companies whose stocks have been oversold and undervalued, but are reporting earnings that are growing exponentially. These stocks should be on your radar now, so you can reap the rewards as the busy season progresses. Click here to find out which stocks I think are poised for a breakout.

To your investing success,

Danny Brody
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


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