Introducing our latest NICI feature…

Some of the exclusive National Institute for Cannabis Investors (NICI) features that we offer to our members include:

In the Green, where CEOs and top-level executives share where they would put their money so that you can make the same exact investments as the most successful cannabis insiders.

In Underrated or Overrated?, NICI Executive Director Danny Brody and Charlie Delvalle (co-founder of the dispensary Hashstoria and member of the NICI Advisory Board) share if the biggest news in cannabis is overrated or underrated. That way, you avoid the noise to focus on what’s noteworthy to make the most money possible from cannabis investing.

With NICI Snippets, you get the biggest news in cannabis detailing all of the positive momentum pushing the market forward in “bite-size” blurbs so you’re in the know of what’s happening in less than 30 seconds.

And we recently launched two more series: Buy or Sell and Sell of the Week.

Today, we’re making your membership even better by launching Office Hours With Danny Brody.

With Office Hours, Danny is going to put out a call for questions, particularly focusing on helping those who are newer to cannabis investing.

Maybe you heard Danny say “single-state operator” in a video and weren’t sure what that meant.

Maybe Danny mentioned the market cap of a company, and you would like to hear more on why that’s important to know.

Maybe you only want to invest in one cannabis stock but don’t know where to start.

Danny is here to take extra time to make sure he can answer as many questions as possible to put you in the best position to profit from cannabis.

We are going to start by having this a few times each month, and we hope to expand it to a weekly feature going forward!

The NICI team will tell you ahead of time when his Office Hours episodes will be released so that you can access them as soon as they are available.

Take care,

NICI Research Team

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