This Big Four cannabis stock could nearly double in the next 12 months…

In the legal United States cannabis industry, an industry that sold $20 billion worth of cannabis in 2020 and is expected to reach $45 billion in sales by 2025, you’ll find the “Big Four.”

Those are the heavy hitters of cannabis. They have the most dispensaries in the U.S., are building brands that are becoming household names, and owning shares of these companies now puts you in the best position to profit when cannabis is fully legalized.

To lead off the Big Four, Curaleaf Holdings Inc. (OTC: CURLF) has the most dispensaries (109) in the country and can currently reach an addressable population of 192 million.

In Florida, Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (OTC: TCNNF) accounts for more than 50% of all legal cannabis sold, will be one of the biggest cannabis retailers in Arizona after a key acquisition closes, and is in a race with Curaleaf to see which company will generate $1 billion in sales first.

With 44 retail licenses, over 5,000 product stock-keeping units (SKUs), and more than 900 dispensaries carrying its products, Cresco Labs Inc. (OTC: CRLBF) is right in the mix of being one of the four cannabis companies that should be in every portfolio.

And as for the last member of the Big Four, it’s equally as impressive as the others.

Its three-step strategy is to enter, open, and scale (EOS), and it’s executing that plan to perfection.

It has 62 open dispensaries and 111 retail licenses.

With those 111 retail licenses, it has entered areas of the U.S. where only a limited number of companies can operate but where there is a massive demand for cannabis products.

With the opening of those 62 stores, it’s bringing in consistent revenue, and it just increased year-over-year (YoY) revenue in its latest quarter by 85.4% to $221.9 million.

Now it’s in the scale phase, focusing on its brand becoming a household name for cannabis enthusiasts and building out operations to sell more product across the country.

And on July 7, analysts at Jefferies, the eighth-largest investment bank in the world by revenue, released a bullish $70 price target on this company, which means they see it nearly doubling from its current price tag in the next 12 months. They called this a “generational wealth opportunity.”

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Danny Brody
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


2 responses to “With a Bullish $70 Price Target, This Big Four Cannabis Stock Is Ready to Double Your Money”

  1. Good evening,
    I enjoy your articles, they are very informative.
    But I think I noticed a discrepancy in your “Big Four Cannabis Stock” article on 08/26/21. You mentioned that CURLF has the most dispensaries in the U.S. at 109. But in the same article you said CRLBF has over 900 dispensaries. Can you please elaborate on this.
    On a related note, it’s crazy how things change so fast in this industry. For example, Company A is the biggest or has the most whatever, and then pretty soon its Company B that’s the biggest or has the most whatever, and soon after its Company C that’s the “Big Dog.” Do you know of a good site where I can keep track of all these ever-changing statistics (the market cap of these cannabis companies, how many dispensaries they have, how many licenses they have, how many states they’re operating in, etc.)?
    Once again, I appreciate your input and advice.

    • Hi Roman,

      Thank you for the question.

      Curaleaf operates 109 dispensaries, while we said Cresco Labs has its products in over 900 dispensaries. So Cresco doesn’t own all of those 900 dispensaries, but it’s been able to get its products in all those dispensaries to sell.

      More companies are sharing their investor presentations on their websites, which have a lot of great information.

      For example, you can access the one from Curaleaf here –

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