Amazon is putting its money where its mouth is – behind a fully legal U.S. cannabis industry…

Earlier this week, a single job ad posted by a Fortune 500 company sent Bitcoin surging from $29,000 per coin to more than $39,000. In just one day. All based on an unconfirmed posting for a “digital currency and blockchain product lead.”

That’s the kind of influence one global corporation can hold in a world where money is power.

Especially when that company is Amazon.

As of March 21, if it were a country, Amazon would be the 14th-richest in the world.

It accounts for nearly 50% of e-commerce in the United States and made more money during the first three months of the year than Microsoft, Facebook, Tesla, and Netflix combined – some $837,330 every single minute, according to reporting from CNBC.

So when Amazon wants something, it’s not afraid to flex its muscle – and bankroll – to make it happen.

That’s great news for cannabis investors.

Because in June, Amazon didn’t just declare its support for a fully legal cannabis market – a move that sent more than a few cannabis stocks surging.

It also put its money where its mouth is and officially registered to lobby Congress for cannabis reform.

Amazon knows how to get what it wants. And what it wants now is for cannabis to be legalized…

I hope you’re as excited as I am about what comes next. Because with a powerhouse like Amazon recognizing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in cannabis, others are sure to follow. That’s where the money is – and following the money can mean the difference between making a fortune and losing out.

Which is why I want to show you another emerging market where big money is pouring in. It’s a technology being used by major names like Microsoft, Google, Walmart – and yes, you guessed it, Amazon – yet most folks still have no idea what this tech is. That means getting in now while it’s still under the radar puts you well ahead of the curve.

I urge you to go here now to get the details on the five companies leading the charge – and the profits at stake for those who act today.

To your investing success,

Danny Brody
Partner, RADD Capital


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  1. Thanks Danny and Don.
    I really like these quick continual video updates that NICI provides.
    I’m all in on cannabis investing.
    Thanks for what you do. It’s much appreciated.
    Mike Suttle, NICI Lifetime Member

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