In his search for treatment, this Iraq war veteran-turned-entrepreneur launched his own cannabis startup and never looked back…

You wake up in a cold sweat, with your shirt so soaked that it clings to every inch of your torso.

Your heart is racing, feeling like a tiny foot is trying to kick through your chest.

You’re disoriented, not knowing where you are, and having trouble remembering your own name.

After a minute or so, you start to regain your bearings, realizing you’re waking up from a nightmare.

You’ll feel groggy and irritable in the morning, but nightmares are only occasional for most people. You’ll get back on track with a full night’s sleep the next time your head hits the pillow.

For the brave men and women who serve in the United States military, there is sometimes no getting back on track.

Because this happens to them…every…single…night.

As many as 20 out of 100 veterans will suffer from nightmares, insomnia, severe anxiety, self-destructive behaviors, and other issues because of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And despite what they’ve given up protecting their country, veterans are restricted in the medicine they can use to treat PTSD.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the antidepressant sertraline for PTSD, which you may know as Zoloft. But Zoloft can also carry side effects like blurred vision, drowsiness, fainting, muscle cramps, shaking, bruising, and bleeding. In addition to these side effects, it can also be addictive.

With a limited number of options, many veterans are unfortunately susceptible to self-medicating, with as many as 20% suffering from an addiction or dependence on drugs and alcohol.

They deserve better, and they need platforms to share their stories so more people can understand the struggles they face upon returning home.

Which is why, today, I want to introduce you to Philip Smith, a former Marine who served a tour of duty during the Iraq War.

Phil is very open about his PTSD since returning from the war and the limited treatments available.

Alongside his friend and fellow veteran Jenny Roseman, who was in the Air Force and a 9/11 first responder at the Pentagon, Phil wanted to start a company that could help others suffering from PTSD.

Since 2018, he’s been accomplishing that goal – through his own cannabis company.

And I’m honored to share his incredible story…

Tomorrow, you can look forward to part two of my interview with Phil, where you’ll get to hear all about Phil’s booming cannabis business as he reveals how Freshly Baked became one of Massachusetts‘ most recognizable edibles brands. You won’t want to miss it.

All the best,

Danny Brody
Partner, RADD Capital

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