In the second installment of your Jushi interview, CEO Jim Cacioppo discusses how M&A deals are making Jushi bigger, better – and you more money…

Yesterday, you got to hear directly from Jushi Holdings Inc. (OTC: JUSHF) CEO Jim Cacioppo about his plan to conquer the Pennsylvania cannabis market in part one of our latest one-on-one interview.

Medical cannabis sales in Pennsylvania are expected to surpass $1 billion this year, and savvy multistate operators (MSOs) have been scrambling to secure a foothold before it goes recreational and those sales potentially triple within the first year of full legalization.

Just since March, more than $400 million in new merger and acquisition (M&A) deals have been announced in the state.

And while Jushi already claims one of Pennsylvania’s largest footprints – its newest Beyond / Hello storefront in Easton, which opened this past Friday, June 11, marks its 13th location (and 20th nationwide) – that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been an active player in the cannabis M&A spree.

In April, Jushi announced the purchase of Nature’s Remedy in Massachusetts for $110 million, as well as a cultivation facility in Ohio for $5 million.

Since then, it has also closed its acquisition of a key Dalitso processing facility in Virginia.

With all this deal-making, I knew Jim would be the perfect person to give our National Institute for Cannabis Investors (NICI) readers expert insight into the record M&A spree sweeping through the United States cannabis industry.

Tune in for part two of our interview now to get the kind of inside access you’ll only find right here at NICI…

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Of course, we know Jushi is a favorite at NICI, so we had to make sure we shared Jim’s insights with all our readers.

If you have any questions about what Jim and I discussed in parts one and two of this interview, please don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below.

Take care,

Don Yocham
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


3 responses to “In Part Two of This Exclusive Interview With Jushi, CEO Jim Cacioppo Talks Expansion, Sales, and Deals in the U.S. Cannabis Market”

  1. Hi Don,
    You touted Jushi stock as expected to hit 41 by end of year, are you still confident with that number?

  2. I love this company. Just hoping we can turn stock price upward as it has been declining. I see this company dpoing well over the long term so I am holding

  3. Great interview on JUSHI. To me its so undervalued and I did buy at $2.85
    and will hold and defintely going to buy more!!

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