When it comes to investing, Stash was designed to be easy to use, affordable, and accessible to everyone…

In the past, setting up a brokerage account was synonymous with being complicated to open, large initial deposits, hefty trading fees, and limited options for investors.

Fortunately, that has changed.

Financial platforms are now offering everything from personalized services aligned with your risk tolerance and individual goals to commission-free trades to fractional share investing.

Today, we’re going to share an exclusive interview with you from the team at Stash – the first consumer subscription platform that delivers all of the above, designed to be easy to use, affordable, and accessible to everyone.

Q1: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today! Could you give us a quick “origin” story on how Stash got started and what the company hopes to accomplish?

Stash: Our subscription platform that empowers middle-class Americans to invest and build wealth was founded in 2015 by Brandon Kreig and Ed Robinson. While working on Wall Street, they realized many so-called experts had no idea how to invest their own money, so they took to the streets of New York to ask everyday people if they invested and, if not, why.

Everyone they met said no, they weren’t investing, but they really wanted to one day. People explained that they found investing complex, confusing, and structured to only reward the privileged few. It was also clear that legacy institutions were not interested in making it easier for them to start.

This became the genesis of Stash’s founding mission and what drives the company to this day: Helping to make investing and wealth creation easy and affordable for millions of Americans.

Q2: Can you share a little more about the unique features of Stash?

Stash: The Stash platform helps to solve a very real problem for many Americans who have been on the sidelines or excluded from traditional financial services.

It all begins with our subscription plans, which start at just $1/month (the two other plans are $3/month and $9/month), and transparently guide Americans toward smart money decisions. As a registered fiduciary, we have an obligation to be consumer-centric, always designing and building Stash in the best interests of everyday Americans.

A core differentiator, above and beyond what’s in the app, is the Stash Stock-Back® Card, which is a debit card that allows customers to earn fractional shares of stocks and ETFs on their purchases, enabling millions to invest in well-known brands as they spend. Shop at Etsy, earn $ETSY. Swipe at McDonald’s, earn $MCD. It’s that simple. Also, every week (and sometimes more often than that!) we host a #StashStockParty, which provides additional opportunities for customers to earn fractional shares and expand their portfolios in a fun and unique way.

Q3: Stash offers commission-free trading, but you mentioned it does have monthly plans. For $1 a month, what do people have access to with the Stash Beginner plan?

Stash: The Stash platform aims to support people in all phases of their financial lives. Our Beginner plan includes the ability to browse and invest in thousands of stocks as well as nearly 200 ETFs, which is useful for people who want to take a “DIY” approach to investing. Those in the Beginner plan can easily invest in the stocks and funds they believe in, while also having the ability to check their approach against the Stash Diversification Analysis scale, based on their own risk tolerance and other details.

They’re also able to automate their investments on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Plus our engaging content and personalized advice are always front-and-center, ensuring that everyone with a Stash account can level up their financial literacy and learn smart techniques for investing and saving-ultimately helping propel people closer to their goals of earning more over the long term.

The Beginner plan also provides access to the Stash Stock-Back® Card; no-hidden-fee banking with goal-setting functionality; and access to insurance options through our partner Avibra. Our two other plans, meanwhile, include more robust hands-off investing tools, retirement accounts, custodial accounts, along with other premium features and offerings.

Q4: For our members, we tell them that Curaleaf and Trulieve are two of the best companies to build a portfolio around. With Stash, you can buy fractional shares of both of those companies. People can search to see if they can buy a specific company on Stash by typing in the company name or stock symbol here, but could you give a broad overview of all the investment opportunities offered by Stash?


Stash: We’ve built Stash so that investing in a personal brokerage account can be simple, affordable, and accessible to everyone.

On the Stash platform, an investor can start buying pieces of stocks and funds with as little as 1¢ (or 5¢ for investments priced over $1,000 per share), thanks to fractional shares. People get unlimited trades, with no add-on trading commissions charged. More than 3,500 companies are available on Stash, and nearly 200 ETFs, all smartly named by Stash, so first-time investors can clearly understand what companies are included in each basket. Importantly, customers always have the option to automate their investments-whether on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

Another important differentiator: Stash is built for long-term investing, not day-trading, so we only trade during four trading windows every day. This, alongside many of our other features, helps Stash customers see the value of investing regularly, over the long term. That’s our philosophy, which is spelled out in more detail here, in what we call The Stash Way®: Our Investing Philosophy.

This also directly plays into why we launched Smart Portfolios. Now, customers have the option to build long-term, diversified portfolios that are fully managed by Stash. Smart Portfolios help solidify-and deepen-our mission to help beginner investors who may not know where to start. And, unlike other institutions, we don’t charge fees based on portfolio size-instead, Smart Portfolios are available to customers as part of Stash’s Growth and Plus subscription plans, starting at $3/month.

We’d like to thank the Stash team for taking the time to talk with us today and share this invaluable information.

For cannabis investors, the ability to buy fractional shares is an amazing tool that will help fit any budget.

To your investing success,

Danny Brody
Partner, RADD Capital

Stash Notes to Know

  • For more information on each plan, visit Stash’s pricing page.
  • To deliver on our mission, our personalized products include Smart Portfolios, for hands-off, stress-free investing guided by financial experts and customers’ unique risk level; Stash’s proprietary Diversification Analysis scale, encouraging customers who invest independently towards a balanced portfolio; no-hidden-fees banking; traditional and Roth IRAs; Life Insurance offered by Avibra; and custodial accounts.
  • Smart Portfolios is a Discretionary Managed Account whereby Stash has full authority to manage according to a specific investment mandate. Diversification and asset allocation do not guarantee a profit, nor do they eliminate the risk of loss of principal. Stash does not guarantee any level of performance or that any client will avoid losses in the client’s account.
  • The investment team at Stash built these portfolios with the goal of optimizing risk-adjusted returns. This is achieved by utilizing the diversification benefits highlighted by modern portfolio theory. The portfolios aim to optimize returns given a user’s overall risk profile. Stash does not guarantee any level of performance or that any client will avoid losses in the client’s account.
  • Stash through the “Diversification Analysis” feature does not rebalance portfolios or otherwise manage the Personal Portfolio Account for Clients on a discretionary basis.
  • Other fees apply to the bank account. Please see the Deposit Account Agreement for details. If applicable, your Stash banking account is a funding account for purposes of the Advisory Agreement. Your Stash subscription fee may be deducted from your Stash banking account balance.
  • For children, Stash offers access to UGMA/UTMA accounts.



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  1. Thanx, Dan!!!
    So, how do a get a fractional cost of CURLF or Trulief????
    Could i also get fractional slices of non-cannabis stocks like Navidia
    or Tesla???


  2. Please advise how to buy these cannabis stocks like Trulieve on stash? When I search for them they do not have them on their platform?

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