Less than $1 per share? This Canadian cannabis CEO is sharing where he’d invest his money right now – and we were surprised by his pick…

During his 50 trips to the United States between 2015 and 2016, Norton Singhavon uncovered what the cannabis companies in his home country Canada were doing wrong.

They were obsessed with growing as much cannabis as possible, even if they didn’t know how they were going to sell all of it.

But in markets like Colorado, where demand is so high that cannabis consumers spent nearly as much ($2.19 billion) as the entire country of Canada did ($2.6 billion) in 2020, Norton saw growers focusing on quality instead of quantity.

And that’s exactly the premium approach he imported to the Canadian market with his company GTEC Holdings (OTC: GGTTF).

I’ve long been interested in what Norton is doing with GTEC, but it was his connection with another familiar premium cannabis producer that recently brought us together…

As it turns out, he is a proud investor in Gage Growth Corp. (CSE: GAGE), the up-and-comer out of Michigan that went public earlier this month in the most highly anticipated direct listing of the year.

So it made sense that when I asked Norton where he would invest his own money in cannabis stocks for this episode of In the Green, he was quick to answer GAGE as his top pick.

But I pressed him for another pick, and the next cannabis stock he chose to recommend to our National Institute for Cannabis Investors members came as a complete surprise.

Once you hear the pick, you’ll understand what I mean.

Let’s just say that it’s an “underdog” – and that it’s still trading for under $1 per share…

Fabian Monaco, the CEO of Gage, joined Danny Brody for our last episode of In the Green – so make sure you check out the cannabis stock he would put his money into right here.

You can also find top picks from Bruce Linton here, Jushi Holdings Inc. (OTC: JUSHF) co-founder Erich Mauff here, and AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF (NYSE: MSOS) portfolio manager Dan Ahrens here.

But why stop there when you can keep the gains coming?

Billionaires are starting to pour their money into a technology that could usher in a new era of prosperity in America – and it’s only a matter of time before the mainstream media catches on to the companies leading this tech’s development.

You’ll want to get in on these five stocks before that happens.

Take care,

Don Yocham
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


10 responses to “In the Green Episode 5: The Surprising “Underdog” Cannabis Stock Pick Trading for Less Than $1 Per Share”

  1. Last week I read a cannabis article that said “It is illegal for Canadian cannabis companies to sell cannabis in the US.”
    So how does GAGE sell in Michigan??
    What do you know about this??

    • Hi Bob,

      A Canadian company cannot sell cannabis in the U.S. and still maintain its stock listing on the NYSE or NASDAQ exchanges, but it is not illegal for Canadian companies to sell cannabis in the U.S.

    • Hi Rick,

      Norton recommended Icanic Brands (ICNAF) in this episode.

      If you are looking for a stock symbol for the Kynd Cannabis Company, that appears to be a private company.

  2. You can buy GAGE:CA on Fidelity. You have to sign up to purchase international stocks, have to call them to set it up. Be aware that Fidelity does charge a $50 fee on both sides to trade them. If you wait for them to go OTC Fidelity is free to buy/sell 99% of OTC Pot Stock. I’ve heard that GAGE is also available through another broker (don’t remember who) and I believe it is listed as GAGE,CA. and have to call to have them find it and place your purchase. Hope this helps.

  3. I as well have been looking to buy Gage, but so flustered I can not find it. So I put more money into JUSHI ????

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