Investing in Tesla in 2010 is much like cannabis investing now – there’s a lot of money to be made…

I haven’t been able to get the word “Teslanaire” out of my head.

It’s a nickname for the folks who invested in Tesla Inc. (TSLA) and became millionaires.

I’m talking about those who just bought the stock early and held on throughout the years.

And that’s all they did – bought a stock and held on to it.

I saw a BBC report that profiles Jason DeBolt, an engineer in Los Angeles, who bought 2,500 shares in 2013 for $19,000. He accumulated more, and his 15,000 shares were worth $10 million at the end of 2020.

Then there was Scott Tisdale, who also started investing in 2013. He built his holdings up to 4,000 shares, which were worth $2.8 million by the end of 2020.

So as I was lying in bed with the word Teslanaire nagging at my brain and keeping me awake, it dawned on me why this story resonated with me so much and why I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Tesla shareholders have experienced a roller coaster ride over the last decade.

But those who stayed on during the highs and lows were rewarded by becoming rich.

And that same story can play out for you as a cannabis investor…

The Tesla Lesson: True Believers Stay on for the Ride and Get Rich

It may not have been the mainstream opinion back in 2010 – and sure, there were some bumps along the way – but the forward-thinking investors who held strong in their belief that electric vehicles would be the future of transportation are now the ones laughing all the way to the bank.

Those folks have quite a lot in common with you.

Because the truth is that it takes courage to own the top names in cannabis while all the Big Money brokers, investment banks, and mutual funds controlling tens of trillions of dollars are still locked out by federal law.

But much like the Teslanaires, you’re sticking to your guns.

And that means you’ll be the one rewarded with the biggest gains this booming industry has to offer.

Let me explain:

Whether it’s with electric vehicles or cannabis, staying ahead of the curve is one of the biggest advantages you have for making money in today’s market.

You understand that better than most – it’s why you’re here today with the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

It’s also why I know you’ll be able to appreciate the profits at stake in the backdoor 5G market that NICI Advisory Board member Michael Robinson has uncovered – and the 20 companies that are in the best position to capitalize on it.

These aren’t the big names you’re used to hearing about or the ones you’ll find by googling “best 5G stocks to own.” Those profits have dried up.

These are small-cap stocks that could dwarf any of the 5G gains we’ve already seen.

Check out this new video report from Michael for the full story.

All the best,

Danny Brody
Partner, RADD Capital


3 responses to “The Tesla Lesson for Cannabis Investors: True Believers Can Become Millionaires”

  1. Hi Danny I’m from NZ and our govt has put a slow responce to last year’s referendum on should recreational cannabis be made legal as a 65% no leaving a potential backlog of investors looking elsewhere so my question is as a member of NICI am I able to invest in these cannabis shares (NICI 50) and (NICI WELLNESS),without being subject to enquires from our Authorities .?.

    • Hi Zenaida,

      We unfortunately can’t provide personal financial advice, but a good rule of thumb is to never invest what you can’t afford to lose.

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