The CEO who just launched a blockbuster IPO says if he couldn’t buy his own stock, he’d buy this one…

With the hottest cannabis company to go public in 2021 officially hitting the markets today, it was only fitting that I sat down with Gage Cannabis Company (CSE: GAGE) CEO Fabian Monaco for the latest episode of In the Green.

For this series, we ask top-level executives and cannabis insiders where they would invest their own money.

Of course, I told Fabian he couldn’t pick GAGE.

So he gave me a multistate operator (MSO) that is leveraging rarity to become a billion-dollar brand.

It owns one of only twelve vertically integrated licenses in New Jersey – a state that just legalized recreational cannabis in 2020 and could reach $950 million in sales by 2024.

And in Pennsylvania, which currently only allows 150 dispensaries, it operates 3 stores. Pennsylvania is a medical-only state right now, but there is bipartisan support to legalize recreational cannabis, which would make having those three stores up and running when that happens even more valuable.

With all this positive momentum, the company expects to have a very strong 2021.

It reported net sales of $198 million in 2020 and expects that to exceed $290 million in 2021.

The cherry on top of all of that is that this company anticipates it will be able to file on a major United States exchange by the end of the year – an event that can send cannabis stock prices soaring.

Let me show you the stock Fabian said he would buy…

For those who are members of my Cannabis Inner Circle, I did a longer video meetup with Fabian that you can click here to access.

In it, we discuss how Gage became the most well-known brand in Michigan, its plans for future expansion, and why it has all the makings of being a blockbuster success.

And if you’re ready to dive into even more stock picks to boost your portfolio this year, look no further. I made sure you have free access to my colleague’s complete list of the best and works stocks to buy for 2021 right here.

All the best,

Danny Brody
Partner, RADD Capital


7 responses to “In the Green Episode 4: Gage CEO Says If He Couldn’t Buy GAGE, He’d Buy This Stock Right Now (Smart Pick)”

  1. Schwab will not trade Gage for 40 days, not sure if IPO was released today as planned or not. Any info on if released, at what price, and how to buy?

  2. I am confused… Who recommended iconic brands? I thought the interview was Fabian but it sounded like you kept calling him Norton… Maybe I just heard it wrong?

    Also any updates on when Gage may trade in the states?


    • Hi Janie,

      Episode 4 was with Fabian Monaco, the CEO of Gage. He recommended TerrAscend Corp. (TRSSF).

      Episode 5 was with Norton Singhavon, the CEO of GTEC. He recommended Icanic Brands (ICNAF).

      We will make sure as soon as Gage has an OTC ticker, our members will know.

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