New York is about to become the biggest cannabis market on the East Coast. This is the top stock to own before sales kick off…

Recreational cannabis legalization is finally happening in New York.

That’s right – after years of failed bills, state lawmakers reached a long-awaited agreement to legalize recreational sales in the state, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) signed the bill into law just yesterday.


It makes sense that this would be the year to make it happen. New York is facing a $15 billion budget deficit exacerbated by the economic effects of COVID-19, and this recreational cannabis program will go a long way toward filling that void.

The governor’s office expects the program to generate as much as $350 million in tax revenue and create an incredible 60,000 new jobs.

This could end up being one of the most successful rollouts of recreational sales we’ve seen yet, as lawmakers can implement the best practices offered from the experiences of other states that have transitioned from medical to adult-use.

I think that will give us a head start on a good program, because we were able to watch what other states went through and hopefully come up with something that addresses the problems.” – Sen. Liz Krueger (D-NY)

And with hundreds of millions of dollars in much-needed tax revenue on the table, you can bet New York will get sales up and running in short order – as soon as next year, in fact.

Which means that by 2026, we could be looking at a $2.3 billion cannabis market…

The largest on the East Coast.

And one of the best cannabis companies you can own right now – a multistate operator (MSOs) that’s already making NICI Membership subscribers triple-digit returns – is ready and in position to dominate.

Let me show you New York’s top cannabis player so you can make sure it’s in your portfolio today…

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New York’s Top Contender(s)

As it stands right now, New York is a quintessential limited license cannabis market.

Only ten vertically-integrated licenses are allowed under the current law, and any company operating in the state must have one to sell cannabis.

Each operator is then limited to four retail storefronts throughout the entire state.

And that makes the New York license and dispensaries that Curaleaf Holdings Inc. (OTC: CURLF) already has unbelievably valuable.

It also means Curaleaf alone controls 10% of what is about to be the biggest cannabis market on the East Coast.

It’ll be among the first to sell recreational products as soon as sales kick off.

And based on what we’ve seen in states like Illinois and Michigan, it’ll only take a matter of months to see a 3X in sales.

Add in the fact that the new recreational program will finally allow companies to sell flower, which is by far the most popular cannabis product the country over, and we could actually be looking at a 5X leap in sales – easily.

Soon, more and more locals will see Curaleaf’s sign beckoning from the interstate and realize that they no longer need a medical card to pop inside.

Millions of tourists – of which a record 66.6 million flooded into New York in 2019 – will be able to add buying their first legal cannabis product to their trip itinerary.

Curaleaf’s stock price will surge along with those sales.

And you’ll be making money all along the way.

Now, Curaleaf is only one of the ten vertically-integrated companies in the state, but you can’t just go out and buy stock in any company with operations in New York.

There are only three other top MSOs that are ready to not only capture their share of this future $2.3 billion market but deliver shareholders massive returns all along the way.

And while they’ve already made our NICI Membership subscribers double and triple-digit gains, we’re still at the starting line of this boom.

There’s still time for you to invest now for even bigger gains to come.

But you need to move fast to get in on these companies before the rest of the market catches on to their moneymaking potential.

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To your investing success,

Danny Brody

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


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  1. Hello Don.What do you think about Hemp Inc?It was suggested in Road map to Weed in 2018 also Cbis.Regards Patrick

  2. Thanks Don I’ve been a subscriber for about 11 months now. And your advice and research has turned all into triple digits. Accept one Schwartz has been killing me. Won’t get into it we’ll be here all night. I’m still hanging on to the stock. There like your kids when the stock is up good kid.Down bad kid. Holding onto a stock to long is like having your 40 year old son living in your basement. Anyway long time follower first time writer. Keep up the great 👍 journalism. Till later roll on my friend. JM

  3. I currently hold five cannabis stocks: KGKG, GBHPF, RMHB, ERBB,
    TGODF. Most have been a headache the entire time I’ve held them.
    Can you tell me which are dogs & should be dumped & which ones
    you’d keep?

    • I would buy gauge, planet 13,right now both will be jumping in price soon. jushi is still a good bargain price 👍 keep rolling on jm

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