This is going to be the first household name in cannabis – and it will make you a lot of money…

People in some southern states ask for a Coke when they want a soda. The reply is then, “What kind of Coke would you like?”

That’s the power of a brand and why The Coca-Cola Company was the sixth-most valuable one in the world in 2020 at $64.4 billion.

When people think of a soda, they think of Coke.

In my industry, the same thing is happening as we speak.

There’s one company that I project will be the first household name in cannabis because it’s building a powerful portfolio of branded products and expanding across the United States to be everywhere its customers will be.

It plans to reach the 93% to 95% of U.S. households that don’t currently use marijuana.

So as more people buy edibles, pre-rolls, and flower, when they think of cannabis, they are going to think of this company.

But it doesn’t just want to win the U.S.

It wants to be a household name across the globe…

Curaleaf Conquers the Globe

As I shared with you last week, the chairman of Curaleaf Holdings Inc. (OTC: CURLF), Boris Jordan, said in an interview with Forbes,We’re making the products much more mainstream for our customer base – we’ll be no different than Coca-Cola or Frito-Lay.”

Coca-Cola is sold in every single country in the world, except for Cuba and North Korea.

It’s built a global brand and has made sure its products are easily accessible: from vending machines to grocery stores to restaurants.

So when I saw Curaleaf’s move into Europe, I knew it’s right on track to become the first household name in cannabis the world over.

Because it just didn’t make a small splash into Europe; it made a tidal wave of an acquisition.

Curaleaf bought the largest vertically-integrated cannabis company in Europe – EMMAC Life Sciences Limited – for $286 million. Europe was only a $359 million legal cannabis market in 2020, but Curaleaf CEO Joseph Bayern believes that it could eventually be a market worth $120 billion.

Before that happens, Curaleaf is wisely building a footprint so that it can capture the biggest share of those sales…which could make you a lot of money if you’re wise enough to get in on CURLF stock now.

Because Coca-Cola didn’t build an empire by just selling drinks in the U.S. – it did so by building a global brand.

When travel picks back up again, and you leave the U.S. to visit France, Spain, or Germany, you’ll be able to find a Coke.

And within the next 10 years, if you leave the U.S. to visit France, Spain, or Germany, you’ll be able to find a Curaleaf product, too.

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But the boom in cannabis stocks is only just getting started.

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Take care,

Danny Brody
Partner, RADD Capital


8 responses to “The “Coca-Cola of Cannabis””

    • Hi Cliff,

      Thanks for the question.

      For Curaleaf, it allows them to feature products in a store that will receive thousands of visitors each day when normal tourism resumes in Las Vegas. It’s also great exposure for Curaleaf’s brand, as Planet 13 can attract many first-time cannabis users. If they try a Curaleaf product in Vegas and like it, they will look for the Curaleaf brand the next time they try a product. For Planet 13, throughout 2021, they will be among the first retailers in Nevada to carry the newest offerings from Curaleaf’s Select brand. The Select shop within Planet 13 will be staffed by members of the Curaleaf team, so it will also serve as an education center. So Planet 13 benefits by selling a popular brand and having another resource to educate newer cannabis users who may be inclined to buy more products throughout the rest of the store once they have their questions answered and know what cannabis products will work best for their needs.

  1. Hello Danny how are you? I hope you and your family are staying healthy. Listen I have a question for you, besides the easy and usual answers ex: market volatility, new industry etc..
    Given all of the outstanding numbers the companies in our model portfolio are reporting in the last couple of weeks. It seems the market has not responded in a positive fashion as a matter of fact all of the companies have just went south of the boarder!!! What am I missing in your expert opinion why do you think that is? At either rate keep doing what you are doing because you and Don are good at it!!! I hope you are having a great day!!!

  2. Hey, how about a née top 5. Things have changed so much since the 2021 started. We need to know where the company’s stack up know.

    Ps. Once it’s federally legal, will cannabis finally be cheaper for the customers. I don’t remember this being addressed. Tks. Randy

  3. If a cannabis company is bought by another cannabis company what happens to the stock price of the company that is bought out?Do I lose my money if I own stock in the company that is bought out?

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