With a wildly popular cannabis brand, investors want to know how they can invest in Cookies…

When Cookies launches a new strain of cannabis, people line up around the block and products can sell out within hours.

Because of the massive popularity of the brand, investors want to know, “What is the cannabis brand Cookies stock symbol?”

Cookies is not a publicly-traded company, so there isn’t a way to invest through your brokerage account.

However, there are “backdoor investing strategies” that allow you to take part and potentially profit from the success of the Cookies brand even if you can’t invest in the company directly.

We’re going to show you how to do that in just a bit.

But first, we wanted to make sure you were able to find out everything you would ever need to know about the cannabis brand Cookies.

That way, if Cookies ever goes public or is bought out by another company, you’ll know whether you’d want to buy shares.

The History of the Cannabis Brand Cookies

When he was 18 years old, Berner (Gilbert Milam Jr.) started out in the cannabis industry working at the front desk of a dispensary in California, checking IDs.

He quickly then rose in the ranks and was able to learn everything about the business by going from the front desk to budtending to managing the shop.

What he noticed during this time was that there was not a “brand” in cannabis.

Not like with Starbucks and coffee or smartphones and Apple.

It was just cannabis put on the shelves.

He got creative and started making different signs for different strains of marijuana.

From there, Berner launched a Cookies cannabis strain, which got its name because he said it tasted like Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies.

He wanted to create an identity around the brand, so he also added music and a clothing line around Cookies.

Today, because of the quality of the product and the connection people feel with the brand, cannabis enthusiasts line up around the block when new products are released.

Is There a Cookies IPO Date?

On February 12, a Twitter user asked Berner, “Will cookies ever go IPO?”

His reply was, “I’m scared of all that lol!”

Now, there is a whole list of reasons why the founder of a company wouldn’t want to take their company public. But a common one is that they’re worried about losing control of their business.

When someone invests in a company, they rightfully want to see a return on their money.

However, that may pressure founders to make decisions that will benefit their business in the short term, but it won’t help them in the long term.

By remaining private, a company founder has more control over driving the vision of their business.

So from Berner’s answer on Twitter, don’t expect Cookies to IPO anytime soon.

Having said that, we mentioned earlier that there are backdoor strategies to investing in Cookies.

Again, you won’t be able to invest in Cookies directly, but as the cannabis brand expands, there are ways for you to join in on the success of the brand.

Potentially making you money in the process…

The Backdoor Strategy in Investing in Cookies Cannabis

The two companies we are about to share are not official recommendations from the National Institute for Cannabis Investors (NICI).

It’s only fair to share our list of stocks to buy with our paid-up members in our cannabis investing service, NICI Membership.

However, we still want to share two ways you could invest in the success of Cookies even if you can’t buy shares of Cookies directly so you can have the information and decide if it fits your investment goals and philosophies.

The first backdoor investing strategy is through SLANG Worldwide Inc. (OTC: SLGWF), which is a cannabis branding and marketing company that has a strategic partnership with Cookies.

In Oregon, SLANG affiliate will cultivate Cookies strains, as well as market and distribute the strains through its distribution channels.

Oregon was a top-10 market in sales in 2020, finishing the year with $831 million in sales (the eighth-most in the country).

Cookies also has a partnership with SLANG to sell products in Colorado.

There’s also another backdoor strategy to invest in Cookies that you can now take advantage of…

Editor’s Note: The following section was updated on April 6, 2021 to reflect Gage’s recent direct listing on the CSE.

Gage Cannabis Company (CSE: GAGE), which is Michigan’s most well-known cannabis brand, has an exclusive branded Cookies dispensary in Detroit and is building another in Kalamazoo.

In fact, this company rolled out the red carpet for the Executive Director of the National Institute for Cannabis InvestorsDon Yocham, to visit the open Cookies dispensary.

And the good news for you is that Gage went public on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) on April 6, so you can now buy shares as you would with any other publicly traded cannabis stock.

But while Gage gives you a backdoor way to invest in Cookies, I also want to show you a special “backdoor” way to IPO that’s taking the cannabis industry by storm – because it’s giving folks like you yet another way to make money from cannabis…

A Backdoor Way to IPO

Rather than spending years waiting for licenses, building retail stores, trying to create brands that catch on, and then going public, savvy entrepreneurs have found a way to skip waiting for all of those things with an investment vehicle called a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC).

SPACs are essentially blank checks that can buy one or several established cannabis businesses that are already bursting at the seams with cash, primed for growth, and ready to make you massive returns – in record time.

This approach is creating moneymaking machines that you can invest in today for as little as $10.

In fact, I already have three SPAC recommendations lined up that could make you a small fortune over the next few months.

Click here to get more details.


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