What’s on your mind?

Between Reddit forums telling people to buy cannabis stocks…

The imminent end of federal cannabis prohibition…

Cannabis Venture Trust opportunities giving everyday investors new ways to profit…

More companies gearing up to go public…

And a massive merger and acquisition (M&A) spree…

There’s a lot happening in cannabis right now.

But no matter what, the team at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors and I are in your corner.

We know you have a lot of questions.

And that’s why I wanted to open up the floor to you this week.

Because I’m here to answer them…

Submit Your Questions by the Morning of February 18

Over the next three days, send me your questions in the comment section below.

  • Do you want to see a Deep Dive video on a certain company?
  • Do you want to know more about the projected timeline for full cannabis legalization?
  • Do you want more details about the difference between investing in United States companies over Canadian companies?
  • Do you want to hear about which U.S. companies I believe will be the first to list on the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)?

I’m going to look over your questions and answer as many as I can in a special video recording that I’ll release on February 18, right around 9:30 P.M. ET.

Make sure to send in your questions about cannabis and cannabis investing in the comment section below.

Take care,

Don Yocham
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


107 responses to “The Floor Is Open: Send in All the Investing Questions You Want Answered by February 18”

  1. Thank Ya’ll so Much!! I’m so STOKED to be an early investor in GAGE.
    I’m glad to be riding the current 420 wave with NICI. I’ve been 100% invested in 420 since 12/2016 (aka – 4 years 2.0 months).
    We already know the US stocks should be destroying the LP’s so in that context – here are my questions below:
    After the Top 4 MSOs & Jushi, what are your next 3 recommendations at the current prices? (ie. & Canadian included)
    Why do you think Columbia Care & Harvest Health have been somewhat lagging their US counterparts?
    Which MSO do you think will make the next BIG Acquisition & which State will it be in?

  2. 1. What do you think the projected timeline for full cannabis legalization?

    2. Can you explain in detail the difference between investing in United States companies over Canadian companies?

    3. I would like to see a Deep Dive video on Canopy Growth?

  3. When is the merger between Tilray and Aphria supposed to happen? Initially will the price go down after the merger. And what does it mean for Aphria shareholders for every one share how many shares of Tilray will they get? Thank you in advance!

    • Thank you!
      1 When will the IPO page get updated?
      2 what’s the status of the federal legalization presented (I think it was on the 13?) ?
      3 if federal legalization does not happen do you foresee a large drop in stock values?
      4 can you focus on the companies already in the us stock market and those about to go on? I’m betting even they don’t have good numbers they’ll go up just with folks wanting to buy in some where🤔

  4. hi,
    Thanks for taking my question.

    I have bought Aphria and sold Tilray based on your most recent recommendation.

    I am noticing that since i bought Aphria from the moment of that recommendation, my position in Aphria is down by about 25%.
    Any reasons as to why this is happening?
    i thought that Tilray and Aphria are planning a large merger in the Cannabis industry..
    Please elaborate.
    thanks and regards,
    john of toronto

    • Potential to be a winner. They starting their growing in March. Low cost provider with big potential in Israel and Europe.

  5. Don, I would love to find out when we will be getting some investment info as a shareholder from Infuzed Brands. It has been quite a while since we have heard anything from them or their investor relations folks. Thanks, John Nelms

  6. Any chance you could provide a brief update as to the prospect of direct listings on the part of JUNA, Infuzed Brands and/or Mystic (Qualcan)? Thanks for all you do for us! Jeff

  7. The question I have is : would it be possible to add to every closing trade at the very end of the email, the last statement, this order was made on this date with the stock trading at this value ? Thanks

  8. Don, thanks for the opportunity to ask questions. What do you recommend members do about the initially promising companies that continue to be losing investments (eg, GGBXF, HBORF, IONKD, SPRWF, VLNCF, ELLXF, EMHTF, ITHUF, MJARF, PCLOF, SLGWF, TGODF)? I keep researching them seeking signs of life, but the mirror under their noses is barely fogging. Is there any hope of survival?

    • I would like to know about these same companies. I’ve been a member since the beginning and bought many of these stock and have sold most. However, at the time I bought them, they had promising businesses. Charlottes Web would be another one I’d like to know about.

      • Is it better to invest money in ETFs or in individual cannabis stocks?
        Is there any hope for penny stocks that they will grow during the next year or two?
        What five stocks would you recommend buying and when would you suggest buying them?

  9. Being a first time investor, I will be using my personal settlement money to invest. What steps should I take to maximize earnings?

  10. Where can I get s list of the US MSO’s? I invested in a number of Canadian companies 3 years ago and want to move those funds to US MSO’s. Would like to find another GRWG, like I did 3 years ago @ $7.76 – Also do you think it is wise to put Sell stops on those stocks that have shown a profit with such wide fluctuations in the current market?
    Thank you, RV

  11. I am struggling to find an exchange that deals in US OTC stocks as I’m a UK resident and citizen. Any suggestions?

  12. I keep looking for Hempfusion OTC on Schwab but says it’s not found. I know we would have heard if you recommend it; but, any thoughts for the future?

  13. Hi Don, first I’s like to see a deep dive into Cresco. If you have already done one then can you tell me where to find it cause I can not. Next I also would like to know the answer to Deanna Johnsons’s question above. I have 7 of the same tickers and would like to know if there is a snowballs chance they will recover even a little bit. Thanks for all you are doing

  14. Got in on Sundial at the wrong time and am down 40% today. This morning there was news that they filed shelf to issue $1B in securities and they regained compliance with Nasdaq. I have no idea if this is good or not as the pre-market is down. Any advice on whether to buy, sell or hold Sundial? Not fond of Reddit at this point!

  15. Do you have any updates on Infuzed Brands? Since I invested in the summer I have been to their website at least 10 times to order some of the product to try what I’m invested in and they are always sold out of everything. I see this as both good and bad. Are they making forward progress?

  16. Do you have any update on Gage’s plans to go public in Q1? I know that was the intent but when I search for information on this it is all dated/old articles. I would think with only 45 days or so left in Q1 I would be hearing more about this? Perhaps, it is different/less headline grabbing since it is a direct listing and not an IPO?

  17. I have invested in a number of OTC cannabis stocks based in Canada. Now some of these companies are showing on the US stock exchanges. How will this affect my owned shares? Is there any action I need to take?

  18. Hi Don my name is John Szabo from Milan Mi. N just wondering what’s happening with the Gage co in Mi. When will Gage be going Public ? N is it still a strong co.
    I’m very interested since listening to your report when you could get in at $1,050.00.
    Thanks John

  19. Hey Don,
    I’ve been a member since 2018. I am greatly impressed when you are interviewing new or prospering companies. At the end of each interview you ask the CEO if they could name two companies outside of their companies they would buy or recommend and why? This may open up doors that might not have been researched till its in its latter stages. Will you continue with this approach?
    I have invested in TRSSF and JUSHF amongst others in the NICI portfolio in its earlier stages and find that the name drop, deep dives and our personal research has profited greatly.
    Lastly, which stock in the NICI portfolio would you recommend for long term investing?
    Keep up the good work.

  20. Can you tell me your thoughts on Supreme Cannabis (SPRWF) and on Elixinol (ELLXF).
    Also is TerrAscend and Curaleaf still a good buy at current prices?

    Tim Gay

  21. Should we be adding to our current positions at these elevated prices or should we wait for a possible pullback? Maybe there will not be a pullback? What positions should we look at adding to? The four horsemen?
    What are your thoughts on the current banking bill being passed by the senate?
    Thoughts on legalization. Does it matter if states continue to legalize?
    Thank You.

  22. Hi Don,
    1) as a small/ new investor on fixed income i tend to look more to the 10 and under stocks…. any up and coming you could recomend?? have been watching columbia care but what is its potential growth or is it close to peak??
    2) as mentioned above from other readers, would like to see more deep dives. you have mentioned it is only a tool and anything can happen but it give me a sense of the stock potential.
    3) would also like to se the database updated with more current research.
    thanks for all you and the institute do….much appreciated

  23. Hello Don,
    What do you think of FFNTF, which is a holding of MSOS and CBDHF, who just announced they are the exclusive supplier for clinical trial at Mount Sinai?

  24. What’s the deal with Dixie Brand… I remember seeing them delisted and now since November are trading again?! What causes a halt in trading? Should we stay as far away from stocks like that? Thanks 👍

  25. Can you give your overall perspective on Charlotte’s Web, as compared to the other booming stocks.
    Thank You.

  26. I’ve brought and sold TRULIEVE a few times, now its up to almost $50. Should we still buy at that price?? IIRP has been excellent, but is a stop it seems? should will still buy it?? Thanks!

  27. Thank you Don for doing this!
    Do you think if there is a Re-schedulization instead of a de-schedule Would that give big pharma the possibility to come in and control more of the market/sector or limit any of the momentum of the solid companies or marijuana movement in general?

  28. Hello Don how are you? I would like to have a deep dive done into Canopy rivers and Harvest Health. Also when will the Tilray and Aphria deal be completed? Do you have any more concrete information on which piece of legislation will pass first More Act, Safe Banking and etc? Thank you and I hope you and your family are staying safe!!!

  29. Of the big MSO’s (Trulieve, Green Thumb, Cresco, Curaleaf, etc.), which one do you think is the most undervalued/has room to grow based on current stock prices?

  30. At what point are you sure you should “take the profit” or in the case of cannabis is it better to let it ride for even more profit over the long haul?

  31. Hi Don what r your thoughts on YCBD and red white and bloom. And also what do u predict curaleaf price will be in 2022. Thanks

  32. Hi Don,

    I would be interested in knowing which cannabis stocks will be listing on the Nasdaq and NYSE.


    Bob Doherty

  33. What do you think of TRTC? Also I have been invested with a pot company that is located outside of LaQuinta, CA. It is a state of the art compound (reminded me of the interview you just did with the group in San Diego). We are looking to merge or go public later this year. We are talking with several investors as well as other pot companies and SPAC’s. This operation is medical grade and professionaly run. Don if you are interested in learning more, contact me. Might be a good fit for the group in the near future.

  34. YES, I would appreciate detailed info on the following 2 issues that were listed in your email.

    Do you want more details about the difference between investing in United States companies over Canadian companies?
    Do you want to hear about which U.S. companies I believe will be the first to list on the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)?

  35. what is the difference between the MSOS and CNBS etf’s
    also for SPACS – any suggestions on Collective Growth Corp, GreenRose Acquisition, Merida Merger Corp?

    Thank you.. I await your reply
    How do we get to see all the replies?
    Thank you

  36. How far out are ACKIU and MCMJ from acquiring their businesses? I just invested and am curious about projected timelines. Thanks!

  37. I’d like to know about my company Medical Marijuana. Will their stock rise or not.?Should I stay invested?

  38. I have some stock in auxly cannibus. Will they be ok in the long run. I’m hearing something about they’re selling.

  39. Don, Do you think Jushi is still a buy at $8, I did buy in at a lower price but was thinking of adding to my shares.

  40. Hey Don, thank you for recommending Jushi, as I got in at $7.20 and still feel great about it. I have IIPR at $194, Schwazze at $2.40, Truelieve at $45, Ayr at $34, and Tilt Holdings at 0.65….I am happy to sit back, wait and evaluate at years end with all of them. Like I said, I feel great about every one of them. Please inform me, if you like my Cannabis portfolio (at the current prices I am in at) and if you could, expound on 2 companies of interest.
    1.) Tilt Holdings (are strong days ahead)?
    2.) Hempfusion Wellness (are they a buy at $2.70)?
    Your guidance has been strong. What you are doing has been fantastic, and i feel the best is yet to come.
    Many thanks!

  41. 1) What do you think about Dixie Brands that merged with BellRock Brands ??
    2) Back over a year ago, NICI had a *Micro spotlight segment And at the time it was said that International Cannabis Corp was aggressive in Europe and obtained limited import licenses for Cannabis etc… . However , they went to zero on my etrade account to only Miraculously appear and now named
    *Transnational Cannabis Ltd ( TRCNF ) and now my ETRADE account is at $4,000.00 with my 350,000 shares ..
    Don, is there any hope with Transnational Cannabis Ltd ( TRCNF ) ??
    Thank you, Tony Luizinho

  42. Don i so appreciate you and Danny’s recommendations. Hers my question what is the timeline on Cage? Any update?

  43. I read your letters all the time but I have never invested in stocks. I have always wanted to invest. Do I need to take classes in “how to invest in stock”.

  44. I appreciate all the prior questions and want to know all the information that you can provide. However, as a map freak I would like to know what map you had on the wall behind you during the first several Q&A’s?

  45. After they federally legalized cannabis in Canada, the cannabis bubble popped (Buy the rumor, sell the news). Do you see the same thing happening here in the US? If not, why? What would be the difference?

  46. Do you recommend we hold on to our cannabis stocks you have been recommending? Is JUSHI still the best cannabis stock for 2021?

  47. I really love reading all the reports and research on cannabis that you provide and really enjoying the rise in my cannabis stocks!!!! Could your service please provide dates on all the Research Reports that way we would know how current the info is. Thank you in advance for having this Q&A for all of your cannabis investors!!!

  48. What is your possible price prediction of Jushi & Charlotte’s Web by the end of 2021? And does PAOG have a viable, substantial standing in the cannabis marketplace?

  49. Hi Don, what is the possible time frame for full legalization? I assume once that happens this will allow companies to be listed on the Nasdaq and NYSE.. So WHICH ONES could potentially be first, and the reasons WHY they will be first and WHAT BENEFITS that brings to those first to list on the major exchanges?

    Thank you so much for your time

  50. When the companies that are only listed on the OTC (e.g. Jushi, Green Thumb, etc.), is their intent to get listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ once cannabis is legal in the US at the Federal level? Is it safe to assume that if they do move to those stock exchanges that their price would dramatically increase due to the accessibility of traders that can’t trade on the OTC?

  51. The NICILytics dashboard is an awesome and invaluable tool, but at what frequency is the NICILytics dashboard updated to ensure that it is current? Also, would it be possible to provide a feature to export the data to Excel?

  52. I would appreciate a deep dive into Aleafia(aleaf). I had high hopes for this stock as it seemed to be a good Investment into clinics and health/doctor aspect of the marijuana investments. I had read somewhere that they were planning on opening several new clinics specializing in just marijuana. Any truth to this?

  53. Now that Qualcan is no longer building the first ever “Canabiss resort” on the Vegas strip across from The Wynn and the newly remodeled Las Vegas Convention Center I must say I’m really disappointed in Qualcan. Any recommendations on what we can do with this situation?

    Also, what do you think about Flora Growth out of Colombia and soon to be going on the. NASDAQ?

    Thx so much for all you do. This app is the best for info!

  54. Don, please do a deep dive on all Nici no. 5s, thank you, Is their a deep dive library? What soft ware do you use to do your analysis?

  55. Hey Don, first of all thanks for y’all basically doing the homework for us in the cannibis market & all of the great private deals that I’ve been able to get in also. My question is regarding Emerald Health whom y’all said to exit long ago; are they under the same corporate umbrella as Emerald Pharmaceuticals (which I did get into, thanks) & if so do you think there is a chance of Emerald Pharmaceuticals ( if successful) saving Emerald Health or is Emerald Health a possible acquisition target?

  56. Do you think organic cannabis will ever take off? I currently own tgodf. Also, do you see any major MSO’s getting together prior to listing?

  57. How about Pharmacielo (PCLOF)? They just made the news today after shipping their first batch of non THC extract. I know their balance sheet has suffered, but they are ramping up now that the facilities are up and running. They seem poised to explode upward with a cost structure of only .5c per gram vs 1.00. I’d love to see a deep dive on PCLOF.

  58. hey guys. I would very much like to hear the factual information around this, slim but real “Blue Wave” we have and our new Presidents plans on legalization $ the abolishment of government prohibition. I believe this is still a possibility.. but even when the stocks are manipulated like (gme) I would just like to be up to date every day with the facts I need to go all in, when or if this is going to happen..

  59. What will happen to my shares of a U.S. cannabis company bought on the OTC when that company list on a major U.S. exchange? Is that something that is considered transferable or would I need to buy in again on the major exchange?
    Thank you

  60. 3 questions;

    What is the best positioned company for Industrial Hemp and do you see a lucrative future in it?

    What is your assestment of Auxly Canabis CBWTF?

  61. Hi Don,
    What is your initial assessment of Verano Holdings (VRNO) which started trading on the CSE yesterday (2/17/21) as compared to the “4” Horsemen?
    Thanks. Mike

  62. In terms of asset allocation, what percentage of an individual’s assets do you recommend should be placed in cannabis?

  63. Can you explain the price disparity between Canopy and Acreage – ACRHF given the current agreement that upon legalization the merger will convert Acreage shares at @ .3060 of Canopy ??

  64. I have big losses in KSHB, GGBXF,SPRFW, EMHTF,CWBHF
    Any hope for any of these names. I thinking I should dump
    these and buy more Jushf which I have an average cost of 1.50 or perhaps PLNHF. Bought Tilray at 7.00 sold at 42 and bought more APHA with proceeds.
    Even with the above noted losers recommended by others,
    since joining NICI my portfolio has a nice gain overall.
    Thanks Don, Love the NICI service

  65. What do you see happening at TGOD and ITHUF, down significantly and I think both may still have good long term potential?

  66. why last week major cannabis stocks prices surged and dropped in a few days ? Is it a short squeeze or Reddit at play?

  67. Is it ALWAYS better to buy the stock being acquired when its price is less than the acquiring entity? I.e Ayer Strategies bought Liberty Health; Cresco bought Ortho House and Bluma Wellness; Canopy will buy Acreage Holdings… I sold Tilray and bought more of Aphria due to the premiums being paid out for owning that stock. Do you have until the M/A agreement settles to continue to buy the lower priced stock being acquired to get the premium?

  68. Interested in deep dives on Slang, Pharmacelio, Plus Products, Kushco, Ionic Brands, Charlotte’s Web and Harborside… Thank you. Willing to wait for winners to emerge after they have established themselves and become EBITDA positive with decreasing SG&A, improved revenues, greater brand awareness, access to capital, Nasdaq and NYSE listings, removal of 280E tax restrictions…. It is difficult to let go of “losers” in which you have over bought with anticipation of awesome 10x returns and the market value is so low. Thank you.

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