These are the cannabis stocks the Godfather of Cannabis would buy right now…

Welcome back to In the Green, where CEOs and top-level executives share where they would put their money so that you can make the same exact investments as the most successful cannabis insiders.

And boy, do we have an exciting one for you today.

The Godfather of Cannabis himself, Bruce Linton, is joining us in our latest episode.

Now, I love the first pick Bruce shares.

He’s the most successful cannabis entrepreneur of all time, after all, so this is a guy who knows what he’s talking about.

In fact, our NICI Membership subscribers have already made a near 40% profit on this stock in less than a month since recommending it on December 28.

But with the second pick, let’s just say I had to press Bruce a little bit more on why he thought it was the best stock to buy right now…

Now, with Bruce’s top two picks in hand, you have a unique insider’s advantage that can only be found here at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors:

But your inside track doesn’t stop here. I’ve also secured you free access to my colleague Shah Gilani‘s complete list of the best and worst stocks for 2021 – including 31 stocks you should consider buying right now and 19 popular yet “toxic” stocks that you should consider dropping immediately. It’s all right here.

Then, make sure you click here to check out In the Green Episode 1 with Jushi Holdings Inc. (OTC: JUSHF) Co-Founder and President Erich Mauff.

Take care,

Don Yocham

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


16 responses to “In the Green Episode 2: The Top 2 Cannabis Stocks Bruce Linton Would Buy Right Now”

  1. I had the opportunity to get into Gage canniabis.Very interesting that he started Canopy Growth.I look forward to Fabian taking the corporation to IPO Status.Patrick J Hance

  2. Hi Don , I am a member of NICI

    What are the names of the Top 2 Cannabis Stocks Bruce Linton Would Buy Right Now” ?


      • I bought my first TRSSF shares on 08/11/20 now up 278.01%
        Added to my shares
        08/20/20 those are up 230.58%
        11/02/20 add more up 128.45%
        11/18/20 added more up 75.64%
        Cumulative total up 151.17%
        I plan to continue adding as funds are available until some time after federal legalization unless something radical happens first. I would like to hear about techniques for cashing out after successful longtime run up.

  3. I have been a member of NICI for what I would or do consider some time now and to be honest I’m by no means a rich or even well to do financially I am on a very limited fixed income but I am wanting more then anything to start investing (in other words I haven’t begun yet) in pot stocks, options seem interesting too … My delima is as I said very limited financially on what I can do and I guess I am just “trying” to ask for some input or advise on how I should or what I should invest in … Thanks so much for any input … Mike R.

  4. Don I look forward to Bruce Linton taking Gage to IPO alongside with his team.I just got into slang already in JUSHI.Thanks for your help DON.Regards Patrick

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