We’re at the 12:01 A.M. moment in cannabis…

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Opportunity is always in front of you – that’s especially true in investing and sports.

Because whether you made a 1,000% gain or watched an options trade expire worthless, or won an NBA championship or finished last in the league, the past is over.

It’s time to look at what’s ahead.

That’s why today, we want to pull a page out of legendary coach Chuck Daly‘s playbook and talk about his “Midnight Rule.”

Once you know it, you’ll start seeing the opportunity that is all around you…

The Legend of Chuck Daly and His Midnight Rule

When Daly became the head coach of the Detroit Pistons in 1983, he inherited two interconnected problems.

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The team didn’t have an identity; something that made them stand out and could offer a rallying cry they could carry into every battle.

Without that, the other problem was that they didn’t win much.

Detroit didn’t have the fast-paced, “Showtime” offense, like the Los Angeles Lakers did with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson. And they didn’t have Larry Bird and his tenacity, treating each play like it was a do or die moment and making every player around him on the Boston Celtics better.

The Pistons were just a team of players who won 37 games and lost 45 of them.

It took six years, but Daly changed all of that.

He put a squad together led by Isiah Thomas, Dennis Rodman, and Bill Laimbeer, and they became the most physically intimidating force in the NBA.

By the end of every game, opposing players would have a list of bruises, bumps, and near breaks to deal with. In fact, Thomas, Rodman, and Laimbeer are all on Bleacher Report‘s “The 25 Dirtiest NBA Players in League History” list.

But they didn’t care because they know who they were – the “Bad Boys.”

Source: FineArtAmerica.com

With the right pieces in place, Daly won his first NBA championship in 1989.

And then again, the next year, for back-to-back championships.

In 1992, he was chosen as the head coach for the “Dream Team” in the Olympics.

And won a gold medal.

But aside from the championships and gold medals, the coach also became known for his “Chuckisms.”

Tidbits of advice and lessons.

In the biography Daly Wisdom: Life Lessons From Dream Team Coach and Hall-of-Famer Chuck Daly, author Pat Williams lists “Chuckism 27” as the “Midnight Rule.”

If the team won the game, the coaches and players would go out for nice dinners and celebrate. If they lost, then everyone was free to moan and complain about how the refs cost them the game.

But Daly said all of that had to be finished by midnight.

12:00 A.M.

Because at 12:01 A.M., a new day had started.

He believed that windshield whippers were made bigger than rearview mirrors for a reason – opportunity is always in front of you.

You don’t look back.

That’s important to know as a cannabis investor.

There’s no denying 2019 was rocky.

But your faith and strength in sticking around is already being rewarded, with a chance for 11 double-digit or triple-digit gains since May in NICI Membership.

Now, as impressive as that is, 2020 is behind us. Everything you’ve accomplished is just a taste of what’s ahead in 2021.

Because the Midnight Rule is in effect.

We’re at the 12:01 A.M. moment.

And if you weren’t a part of those NICI Membership gains in 2020, now is the time to make your move.

2021 is a whole new ball game.

Go here now to learn how you can join us.

Take care,

Danny Brody
Partner, RADD Capital


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  1. I love those days when Los Angeles Lakers and Celtic players like Larry Bird, Magic Jonson, Kareem Abdul Jappar, and the other players playing their best. How do I invest in the best players.?

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