These companies might be small, but their profit potential is anything but…

The last time we talked, we closed the book on 2020.

It was a year full of momentum for cannabis investors, but the past isn’t a hammock to lounge in – it’s a springboard to the future.

With five states passing some form of legalization in November, $9 billion could be added to legal cannabis sales.

Florida and New York, the third and fourth most populous states, respectively, could go from medical-only sales to recreational sales.

The best companies will continue to increase revenues and could also cut costs if the SAFE Banking Act, allowing plant-touching companies to work with banks and lower interest rates, or the MORE Act, allowing multi-state operators (MSOs) traditional write-offs, passes.

More sales. Lower costs. Bigger profits.

It’s a formula where your forward-thinking investments will pay off big time as everyone else races in, willing to pay much more for the shares of the best companies you already own.

And the team and I at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors will be here to guide you to make sure you’re the first in line for the biggest and best opportunities.

Starting with these four companies on my moneymaking watchlist for 2021…

These were four of my favorite names, but you don’t have to stop here.

Executive Director Don Yocham has 13 cannabis stock recommendations in the NICI Membership model portfolio that you can act on today to set yourself up for maximum profit potential in 2021.

Find out how you can access those top picks right here.

Take care,

Danny Brody
Partner, RADD Capital


14 responses to “4 Cannabis Companies to Add to Your Moneymaking Watchlist for 2021”

    • Hi Ted,

      You are correct that Power REIT has started to move into cannabis, but that is not its sole focus.

    • Hi Ritesh,

      You can only buy Hemp Fusion on the TSX right now, but we will keep our members updated if that changes.

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