Michigan cannabis is some of the best in the world – and it comes from this one startup…

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A few weeks ago, I told you about Cotton, who pivoted from a marketing job to growing cannabis under Michigan‘s “caregiver” market twelve years ago.

With over a decade of experience under her belt, Cotton has gone from cannabis newbie to growing some of the best cannabis available on the market.

And today, she manages a sophisticated grow operation for one of the hottest cannabis startups in the country.

This startup rakes in 12% of Michigan’s cannabis demand with just 1% of the state’s dispensaries.

Because when it comes to growing high-quality, small-batch, indoor cannabis, Cotton and her team have it down to a science.

I had the opportunity to join Cotton for a tour of the grow facility she runs just a few miles outside of Detroit. And while she didn’t talk a lot about efficiency, she talked a lot about the time she spent in each room making sure the conditions were perfect.

Lighting, humidity, water temperature, nutrients, ventilation, spacing, and supplementing CO2 – she walked me through all of it. She showed me how those variables get customized to each stage of the growing process.

And today, I want to show you where some of the best cannabis in the country – and the world, for that matter – is grown…

The Best Cannabis in Michigan Is the Best Cannabis in the Country

Michigan is the most competitive cannabis market in the United States.

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Its caregiver market gave rise to an ecosystem of 36,000 craft growers. And for 12 years, residents have developed a taste for only the highest quality cannabis.

By dominating the competition in the most demanding cannabis market in the country, this startup has proven that it can run a high-quality grow operation today better than any other company has done before.

But it will need fresh capital to compete beyond the borders of Michigan.

That means new shareholders.

So, step inside and see for yourself how this company dominates in Michigan:

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Don Yocham

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


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