Follow the bubble, bust, boom…

In 1846, telegraph wire strung across some 2,000 miles of the United States.

Just six years later, this new technology covered over 23,000 miles of America – a ten-fold leap that was fueled by investors’ capital and hype. A “bubble” was created.

And with so much capacity online, the cost to send a telegram collapsed, leaving many early telegraph companies belly-up.

Then something changed during the 1880s. Tycoons backed by burgeoning Broad Street investment banks from Philadelphia funded massive railroad expansion. The inevitable overcapacity spurred vicious rate wars among competing rail companies.

And by 1894, over a quarter of those companies went bust.

Fast-forward 100 years to 1994, and a new technology took over: the internet.

With internet companies popping up left and right in this new bubble, the Nasdaq Stock Market Index ended up as a proxy for internet stocks – peaking just six years later after a more than six-fold increase.

But many darlings of the internet age –, Alta Vista, Infoseek – went bust.

And two-and-a-half years later, the Nasdaq bottomed out at less than one-fourth of its peak value.

Now, these may seem like tragic tales. But they are not.

They are omens – the good kind. The kind that point you towards new opportunities to build incredible wealth.

And today, these omens are calling you to a path to profits that can no longer be ignored…

Finding the Bubble, the Bust, and the Boom

These good omens are part of a “Bubble, Bust, Boom” pattern, where the bubble and bust phases give rise to the omen pointing to a boom.

You could see that pattern after the telegraph bust in 1852. It showed up again in railroad stocks in 1894. It cried out to investors after the internet bubble burst in 2000.

And after the year cannabis stocks had in 2019, this omen of wealth is calling out yet again.

The winners are identifying themselves. The companies with the right business models are growing revenues and building profits. And only the savviest investors – like you – are paying attention to the real players who can now take advantage of a rationalized playing field.

The opportunity in cannabis is just as incredible as it always was, but now stock prices make sense.

So, don’t let 2019’s bust phase scare you away.

Because today, the good omens are back.

And they are telling you that cannabis stocks are on the cusp of taking that third, wealth-boosting step into the boom phase.

Cannabis’s Boom Is Upon Us

Cannabis stocks bubbled going into 2018.

They peaked in October and sold off through the end of the year before recovering somewhat through April of 2019.

And then the bust began.

Cannabis stocks sold off relentlessly for the next 11 months, compounded by the stock market’s initial reaction to COVID-19, and ended with most cannabis stocks at 20% of their peak value.

This bubble-bust pattern in cannabis mirrors what happened in every hot new sector to hit the scene in the last 180 years.

It’s that good omen again – and you don’t want to ignore where it’s pointing you.

Because after the internet bust, it took years for most investors to give those stocks another look. But by then, much of the gains had already been made.

And I’d bet those that waited wish they had a time machine right now.

But you don’t need a time machine to catch the cannabis boom.

You’re here at the forefront of the single biggest market to emerge in decades and there’s never been a better time to make your move.

Now, all you need to do is put your money in the stocks that are going to ride this boom to the top – the Apples, Microsofts, the Amazons of cannabis.

And with the 14 winning cannabis stock picks in the NICI Membership model portfolio, it couldn’t be easier for you to set off on this extraordinary path to profits.

Find out how to get started right here.

Then, just sit back and relax as you rack up a lifetime of wealth.

Take care,

Don Yocham
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


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