Eight states could legalize recreational cannabis in 2021. Rhode Island could be on that list…

Several lawmakers in Rhode Island are talking about legalizing recreational cannabis.

It’s not surprising.

Because the truth is…

The state has to legalize it.

Governments are hurting for tax revenue, and they need to put people back to work who have lost their jobs during COVID-19.

In Rhode Island, its budget deficit has been projected to be between $114 million and $275 million.

In nearby Massachusetts, where recreational cannabis is legal, the state collected $22 million in cannabis tax revenue in fiscal 2019.

So while cannabis tax revenue won’t completely remove Rhode Island’s budget deficit, legalization would allow the state to start chipping away at it.

Also, it could be a massive job creator.

In Massachusetts last year, more than 10,000 jobs were created, thanks to cannabis.

In 2021, Executive Director Don Yocham already predicts that 8 states will legalize recreational cannabis – Rhode Island will find its way onto that list.

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