With a staff like this, Jushi is going to make billions of dollars at its newest dispensary…

Flower to smoke, gummies to eat, and THC-infused beverages to drink.

Sativa, indica, or hybrid.

It’s a lot for a cannabis newbie to take in.

Even feels a little intimidating.

But when you have someone like Alex, the head shift supervisor at Jushi’s Santa Barbara location, that all goes away. He listens to what you need and walks you through your options to help you land on the perfect product.

The knowledge and expertise he’s about to share is the reason why people will keep coming back to this Beyond / Hello store.

It’s why they’ll end up spending more than they originally anticipated when they first walked in.

And it’s how Jushi will generate $8 million to $10 million from just one location.

With this three-episode video series, you got a first-hand look at why Jushi is going to make you a lot of money as the Next Big Contender for the Cannabis Crown.

You can check out episode one right here to tour the store and hear directly from Blythe Huestis, Jushi’s VP of Customer Experience, about what makes Beyond / Hello one of the most coveted retail brands in the business.

Then, make sure you watch episode two right here to see just how much money Jushi expects to make at this location with its top-notch flower.

Take care,

Don Yocham, CFA
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


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