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Editor’s Note: This is episode one of our new video series, where Executive Director Don Yocham takes you inside Jushi Holdings Inc. (OTC: JUSHF) to show you what makes this company one of today’s best buys.

There’s a reason that of all the grocery store brands in the United States, Trader Joes has one of the most loyal – and downright obsessed – followings. It’s the same reason it managed to bring in $13.7 billion in sales last year from just 505 locations.

The stores are small with a selection to match, but you know every one of those products is going to be amazing. The same friendly faces are always there to help you when you need it. The stores are consistently clean and well-organized. And there are new products to choose from every time you visit.

Big-name grocers simply can’t compete with that level of customer care and attention to detail. Which is why, if there’s a Trader Joes in your neighborhood, you’re going to go there to buy your groceries over the other guy every single time.

These concepts can be applied to any industry – especially cannabis. Because creating a top-notch brand isn’t just about a logo. Or product packaging. Or even the product itself.

It’s about perfecting the experience customers have with your brand at every step along the buying journey so that they’ll spend their money with you time and time again.

That’s exactly the kind of intimate retail environment Blythe Huestis has created for cannabis consumers through her expertly-crafted line of dispensaries, Beyond / Hello.

The team at Jushi Holdings Inc. (OTC: JUSHF) immediately recognized the profit potential in Blythe’s brand and loved it so much that they bought it and brought Blythe on as their VP of Customer Experience.

Since then, Jushi has expanded the Beyond / Hello brand across the country, including Santa Barbara, where I recently had the opportunity to join Blythe and the rest of the team for their grand opening.

They invited me out there to give you an exclusive look inside their branding strategy so you can better understand what makes Beyond / Hello one of the most coveted brands in the business.

See for yourself how Jushi is going beyond “hello” to maximize sales and create massive value for shareholders in the first installment of our three-episode video series:

Now that you’ve been inside one of Jushi’s dispensaries, you can see why I believe this is one of the best stocks you can own right now.

But my colleague has more than 50 other stock recommendations you need to know about before 2020 is over, and he’s revealing them all right here in a special stock-picking lightning round.

Go here now to tune in.

Take care,

Don Yocham
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


7 responses to “Why Is Jushi One of the Best Stocks to Buy Right Now? It Starts With Going Beyond “Hello””

  1. Very well done. I’ve been in many dispensaries and this one looks to be a winner. I own 10,000 shares and will increase my holdings. I have my own mutual fund of cannabis with about 20 names and I hope Jushi becomes one of the biggest winners.


  2. Great Piece there Don Both Alex and Blythe were very congenial and extremely knowledgeable about the product. That’s a winning combo. Bravo

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