These two states share one important lesson for cannabis investors…

Oklahoma and Missouri might share a border, but when it comes to cannabis, the similarities end for these Midwest neighbors.

Missouri only just made its first legal cannabis sale this past Saturday, October 17, when 2 dispensaries opened their doors to serve its 55,000-plus registered medical cannabis patients – 22 long months after voters approved medical cannabis legalization in their state.

While Missouri regulators worked to get their program up and running from January to July of this year, their counterparts in Oklahoma were busy collecting over $80 million in tax revenues…

That’s because Oklahoma managed to make its first sale just 95 days after the 2018 vote.

Now, an unheard of 11% of the Sooner State’s adult population is registered as medical cannabis patients, 9,458 business licenses have been issued, and sales are on track to reach $800 million this year – double what it brought in last year.

With this kind of stark contrast, it’s important to get perspective from someone with boots on the ground. That’s why I had Advisory Board member and dispensary owner Charlie Delvalle hop on a video call.

Charlie knows these markets well because he’s been there. He’s gone through their licensing processes directly.

And today, he’s giving you the inside track so you can focus your investments on the markets and companies that are going to make you the most money…

Oklahoma vs. Missouri: Which State Does Cannabis Better?

I’ll be the first to admit that I couldn’t believe the staggering differences between these two states’ cannabis markets. I mean, issuing 9,458 business licenses is a remarkable feat for Oklahoma. Missouri will be lucky to get all 192 of its licensed dispensaries open before the end of the year.

But they provide a perfect example of why regulators need to get out of the way and give cannabis legalization a chance to succeed.

Let the market decide.

That way, the best companies and brands will win over customers and make you money, while the wannabes fall by the wayside…

Because separating the winners from the wannabes – the Jushi Holdings Inc.‘s (OTC: JUSHF) from the Aurora Cannabis Inc.‘s (NYSE: ACB) – is your key to making money in today’s market.

(If you’re ready to start making money, I’ve already identified 10 potential winners for you right here.)

And Charlie might just be the perfect person to weigh in on this.

You should recognize Charlie as one of our trusted Advisory Board members. He’s also the owner of Hashtoria, a line of cannabis dispensaries, and a cannabis investor in his own right.

That kind of boots-on-the-ground experience in these markets makes his perspective invaluable for you as a cannabis investor.

So, what is the deal with Oklahoma and Missouri? Find out in our one-on-one conversation below:



Take care,

Don Yocham

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


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